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After We Collided Review

After We Collided Review

About After We Collided

After We Collided Is an Emotional Roller Coaster — Here's Everything That Happens. ... After We Collided starts right after the revelation that Hardin only dated Tessa as a bet. Understandably, Tessa is destroyed by the news and wants nothing to do with Hardin. The boy, meanwhile, is desperate to win her back.

What is the release date for after we collided?

September 2, 2020 After We Collided/Initial release

Do Hardin and Tessa get back together in After we collided?

They break up again. Both take the break up really hard and won't talk to each other. Eventually, in a moment of weakness, Tessa kisses Zed as they talk about what would've happened if he had won the bet instead of Hardin. But it doesn't go further than that, as Tessa is still in love with Hardin.

What is the plot of after we collided?

Tessa finds herself struggling with her complicated relationship with Hardin; she faces a dilemma that could change their lives forever.

What is the rating for after we collided?

"We're getting a sequel, guys." And though it's hard to imagine how things can get more scandalous than they did in After, we're pretty sure that this sequel is going to be seriously wild. For starters: After was rated PG-13. According to Todd, After We Collided is strictly rated R.

After We Collided reviews

By :Dana

I really loved after although Tessa and Hardin where creepily the same as my “relationship” now however I think that’s what got me so intrigued. I immediately started the second book but finding it to be very emotionally draining and very persuasive. I begin believing things abt other people in my life bc of this book. I really loved the first one but personally After We Collided is a bit to much for me to handle. That could just be my emotions talking though! Would recommend however but don’t push much bc it can be a lot.

By :Kailey

The entire After series have by far been the best books I’ve read. I’ve never truly found an interest in books until I found this series, Anna Todd constantly had me feeling everything the characters were feeling because she gave such in depth detail an always had me full of emotion. The After series truly birthed my interest in books an I’ve been reading more an more. Anna did an amazing job

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