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Crazy Rich Asians: Are these Asians crazy or wealthy?

Crazy Rich Asians: Are these Asians crazy or wealthy?

Crazy Rich Asians: Are these Asians crazy or wealthy?

Crazy Rich Asians is a rare Hollywood blockbuster of the all-Asian lineup. It has been well received since its release in the US - it won a box office of $25.2 million in the first weekend and easily won the box office. Many Chinese Americans even "spread money" Watch this movie.

In the next few days, the film will be released in Asian countries. However, each country and region has different translations for the title of the film. Hong Kong's film title is "My Super Hao Boyfriend"; Taiwan is

"Crazy Asia's Rich"; the mainland is "Crazy Asian Rich" or "Golden Romance", and the film is filmed in Singapore as "Crazy Regal."

So, who is Crazy Rich Asians talking about, how to translate it?

On the surface, the three words Crazy, Rich, and Asians are not difficult, but there are two possible meanings when put together. Crazy can describe Asians, saying that these rich people are crazy; they can also describe Rich, saying "super rich."

The usage of Crazy rich doesn't seem to fit the grammar at first glance - crazy should be transformed into the adverb crazily and then describe rich, but crazy rich is a idiom in spoken language, just like filthy rich, which means "super rich", " Rich in oil." Before the Chinese website translated the book review of the Times: Hamid's novel "How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia".

So, is this film about "a wealthy Asian" or "crazy Asian rich"? Or maybe the title is a pun?

Before making a movie, Crazy Rich Asians was a best-selling novel that sold millions of copies. Author Kevin Kwan recently said that he and the director agreed - in this movie, "even if there are extravagant scenes, you have to look farther. The core of the story is about a family, a couple , a mother and a son. This is the true madness and richness of the story." ("...that even though there are decadent scenes, you look beyond that. The story at the heart of it is about a family, a couple , a mother and a son. And there's where the true crazy richness lies in the story.")

In this way, regardless of the fact that the characters in the film are crazy, the director and the author seem to have determined that they are crazy, and this madness is also the core of the story.

However, in the discussion of the film, the use of "crazy rich" is not uncommon. Time magazine wrote: This is a purely escapist fantasy movie, a story of Cinderella. This story is about an Asian American woman seeing her boyfriend in Singapore. His family is rich and colorful. ("Crazy Rich Asians is pure escapist fantasy, a Cinderella story about an Asian-American woman meeting her boyfriend's colorful and, yes, crazy-rich family in Singapore.")

The Times’ recent report “How ‘Crazy Rich’ Asians Have Led to the Largest Income Gap in the U.S.” also explores the wealth and abject poverty among Asian Americans who have become the largest income gap in the United States.

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