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Grey's Anatomy review

Grey's Anatomy review

Watch ... if you like prime-time soaps. “Grey’s Anatomy” starts with Dr. Meredith Grey’s (Ellen Pompeo) first day of residency at the hospital where her mother was a legendary surgeon. Over the next dozen years, the show moves through scores of cast members, hundreds of patients and catastrophic accidents and natural disasters galore — all with Rhimes’s signature operatic romances and vibrant female friendships. In early seasons especially, the series’ searing monologues set it apart from other medical shows, and even as it wanes slightly, never doubt its ability to bring you to tears with a well-placed montage set to a sad, plucky song.


Parents need to know that Grey's Anatomy is an addictive primetime drama meant for an adult audience and that has many adult themes, including sexual relationships among most of the show's characters, in addition to copious blood and occasionally graphic surgeries. There's some mild language, too, and characters often turn to alcohol to relieve occupational stress. For adults who like medical soap operas, it's an excellent choice; just make sure the kids are asleep first.

This show has monologues at the beginning and ending of its episodes has taught me many lessons over the years. I've learned a lot with the medical terms often used in this show. I've become inspired over time, dreaming to be a doctor and help saving lives. There is sexual scenes, drinking scenes, but it can often be skipped. Their is blood scenes because of patients and their injury. Your kids will do fine if they differentiate between what they should and should not watch, and knowing when they should change the channels/skip. The language is not too hard, there are a few words like "d*mn and h*ll", those are the only bad words being said by doctors in this show. There are many great speeches and lessons in the show, so it is very inspiring and educational. For me, it's very fun to learn AND have fun at the same time.

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