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A reality series that follows some of the most affluent women in the country as they enjoy the lavish lifestyle that only Beverly Hills can provide.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Full Episode Guide
Season 11 6 full episodes
6. The Liberation of Erika Jayne

Erika reunites with the ladies for the first time since filing for divorce and explains how she came to such a tough decision. Crystal invites everyone over to make Chinese dumplings, but she and Sutton must first confront their lingering issues from Lake Tahoe. Kyle and Dorit reach a truce, while Garcelle meets with a dating coach to dream up Mr. Right.

First Aired: 06-23-2021
5. The Divided States of Erika

Election night takes a turn when Kyle and Dorit’s past issues resurface. Erika’s shocking announcement is the topic of conversation at Sutton’s Paris-themed luncheon, as the women seek answers trying to make sense of it all. Meanwhile, Crystal opens up about a difficult period in her life, and Lisa gets a thrill playing with her hubby’s firehose.

First Aired: 06-16-2021
4. Overexposed

While in Lake Tahoe, Crystal bares it all — but Sutton is not having it. Meanwhile, a latenight admission from one of the women strikes Kyle as odd; Dorit makes certain denials that no one takes at face value; and Lisa’s persistence brings Garcelle to her breaking point. Erika stuns her friends with news about her husband, leaving them confused and completely in the dark.

First Aired: 06-09-2021
3. Sutton's Gotta Give

As the Tahoe getaway continues, Sutton and Crystal’s colorful disagreement comes to a head — only to go off the rails again when Sutton feels alienated from the group. Garcelle's bold opinion of a Hilton family member shocks Kyle and Kathy. Dorit gets down and dirty during a rare night out on the town, while Lisa and Erika prank a prankster.

First Aired: 06-02-2021
2. Two Truths and a Lie

Lisa Rinna takes the girls on fun getaway to Lake Tahoe; Kyle and Garcelle attempt to heal the emotional wounds they inflicted on each other; Dorit suggests a revealing game of Two Truths and a Lie, Erika's answers leave her clouded in mystery.

First Aired: 05-26-2021
1. Dressed to the 90210s

The friends glam it up for a "barbecue" at Dorit's house; Kyle's sister introduces them to Crystal Minkoff; Sutton moves into a rental house; Erika sheds light on a very dark summer; Lisa's abrupt apology leaves Garcelle questioning their friendship.

First Aired: 05-19-2021
Season 10 20 full episodes
20. Secrets Revealed

In never-before-seen footage from Season 10, the story behind Denise's “Bravo, Bravo, F---ing Bravo” moment is finally revealed. Dorit faces mediation for her highly publicized lawsuit. Garcelle's new house is threatened by wild fires. Meanwhile, Lisa checks out a swanky Hollywood apartment with her daughter Amelia, and Erika hopes to stay in one piece after Kyle takes her for a spin in a vintage car.

First Aired: 09-23-2020
19. Reunion Part 3

The housewives made their concerns about Denise's marriage known. Garcelle is grilled for her lack of support to Erika's Broadway debut. Denise reveals the real score about her friendship with Brandi.

First Aired: 09-16-2020
18. Reunion Part 2

Kyle takes a turn in the hot seat when she is left to answer for her attitude towards Dorit and Erika. When her daughters are brought up in conversation, Lisa bares all and addresses Garcelle’s implication that she has a need for attention. Teddi reflects on the exhilarating joys and crippling fears of parenthood during a pandemic. A defiant Denise comes under fire for her connection to Brandi Glanville, but Garcelle and Dorit maintain their loyalty and quickly come to her defense.

First Aired: 09-09-2020
17. Reunion Part 1

The ladies come together for a virtual sit-down to rehash a season of incredible highs and shocking lows, as they confront their issues and tackle viewers’ burning questions. Kyle and Garcelle waste no time airing their grievances, and their unresolved tension finally reaches its boiling point when Kyle drops a shocking accusation. Dorit and Sutton recount their awkward exchange at Lisa’s daughters’ clothing line launch event, but Dorit’s apology falls on deaf ears as Sutton challenges the motivations behind her comment. Frustrations come to a head when Erika and Lisa bring Denise to task for refusing to have an honest conversation and accuse her of manipulating the truth.

First Aired: 09-02-2020
16. Denise and Desist

Denise is a no-show at Dorit's housewarming party and fails to keep plans with Garcelle twice in one week. The group hops on a private jet to celebrate Erika's Broadway debut, while Lisa and Denise try to salvage their 20-year friendship.

First Aired: 08-26-2020
15. Sex, Lies, and Text Messages

Kyle and Dorit surprise Teddi with a baby shower, but Brandi reveals a few surprises of her own. Denise and Garcelle lament over how they think Lisa has changed – but Lisa has a very different take on things. Erika leaves LA and jets off to Broadway.

First Aired: 08-19-2020
14. That's Not Amore

While a Vespa ride reminds Kyle and Dorit just how much fun they can have together, Denise calls out Lisa for betraying their friendship; a tearful Lisa joins Denise, Garcelle and Sutton to find redemption at the Vatican

First Aired: 08-12-2020
13. There's No Place Like Rome

The Rome getaway continues as the women process Brandi’s claims against Denise. While Kyle and Dorit attempt to work through their constant clashes, Garcelle, Denise, Erika and Lisa tour the city in luxury Ferraris. Dinner takes a wild turn when Denise throws out an accusation of her own, leading the women to question each other.

First Aired: 08-05-2020
12. Roman Rumors

After rumors about Denise begin to swirl, Lisa attempts to save the group's Roman holiday from turning into a disaster; when Teddi questions Denise about talking behind their backs, the confrontation leads to shocking revelations.

First Aired: 07-29-2020
11. Kiss and Tell All

Lisa invites Dorit and the others on a glamorous Roman getaway. Denise tries to make nice with Erika, but gets an ice-cold shoulder instead. Garcelle digs into Sutton’s past, while Brandi drops a bomb on Kyle and Teddi which threatens to turn their dream vacation into a nightmare.

First Aired: 07-22-2020
10. Black Ties and White Lies

Garcelle finds herself in a tough spot during a business meeting. Lisa questions Denise’s motives when Denise’s behavior is filled with shades of grey. With Dorit’s help, Kyle throws a black and white charity gala full of familiar faces from years past. Erika tries to avoid being “mansplained" to again, while Camille’s road to reconciliation is bumpier than she expected.

First Aired: 07-15-2020
9. Until We Leave Again

Denise and Aaron’s hasty departure from Kyle's barbecue leaves the other ladies confused and unsettled. Kyle helps Kim through a delicate medical procedure, while Lisa and Erika have a distinctively Beverly Hills “procedure” of their own. Garcelle moves into her new house. Aaron awkwardly comes face to face with Erika and Teddi at Sutton's trunk show.

First Aired: 07-08-2020
8. Mind Your P's and BBQ's

Garcelle is honored for her work with a local charity, but her acceptance speech isn’t charitable to one guest. The ladies feel mom-shamed when Denise shows up to Kyle's kid-friendly barbecue without her kids. Lisa, Erika and Teddi are annoyed when Aaron mansplains to them – a situation Dorit knows firsthand is problematic for husbands in this group.

First Aired: 06-03-2020
7. Santa Denise

What promises to be a relaxing trip to Santa Barbara instead opens old wounds for Dorit, Erika, Teddi and Kyle. After feeling judged as a mother, Lisa Rinna turns the tables on Denise, forcing her to examine her own history of risqué behavior. Meanwhile, Garcelle weighs the pros and cons of being a working mom as she prepares to leave town for a job.

First Aired: 05-27-2020
6. Read Between the Signs

Erika is left seeing stars at her astrology party when old resentments flare up between Kyle, Teddi and Dorit; Denise's simmering frustration boils over in front of a speechless Lisa Rinna; Garcelle questions a new friend's priorities.

First Aired: 05-20-2020
5. Let the Mouse Go!

Lisa and Teddi butt heads over Kyle’s emotional meltdown. Garcelle celebrates a milestone in her sons’ lives, while Lisa struggles to stay in the shadows as her daughters launch their clothing line. Dorit and Sutton get into a cat-and-mouse game over a misunderstanding, and Erika notices the cracks in Denise’s laid-back facade when Denise is pushed to a new breaking point.

First Aired: 05-13-2020
4. All's Fair in Glam and War

After an awkward invitation, Lisa Rinna and Garcelle opt out of Teddi's fitness and wellness retreat, which is far from relaxing for the other ladies. Kyle and Erika question Dorit's all-about-me behavior. Denise is upset when her backyard dinner party takes an R-rated turn in front of her kids. The ladies are shocked when Kyle becomes inexplicably emotional.

First Aired: 05-06-2020
3. First Impressions, True Confessions

Kyle wraps shooting on her latest film and plans a welcome home party for all the ladies, including her newest friend Garcelle; Erika's singing lesson brings up a painful childhood memory; Teddi doesn't take kindly to Sutton's criticism.

First Aired: 04-29-2020
2. To Live and Text in Beverly Hills

While Kyle tries to attract buyers for her new fashion line in New York City, Erika gets big news that has her moving there; Dorit's move into a new house is marred by negative press about her finances.

First Aired: 04-22-2020
1. The Crown Isn't So Heavy

Kyle's new clothing line brings the women of Beverly Hills together for New York Fashion Week, where Dorit quickly realizes Kyle's lack of experience in the fashion world could turn into a runway disaster. Erika takes Lisa Rinna, Teddi and Denise on a revealing trip down memory lane. Denise, who is trying her best to ignore legal issues with her notorious ex-husband, introduces the group to her longtime friend Garcelle Beauvais.

First Aired: 04-15-2020
Season 9 24 full episodes
24. Reunion Part 3

First Aired: 07-30-2019
23. Reunion Part 2

First Aired: 07-23-2019
22. Reunion Part 1

The women gather to settle their grievances, but are faced with a stunning no-show from Lisa Vanderpump, which sets Kyle off. An emotional Denise reflects on her roller-coaster year, but her comments draw Camille’s ire. Erika and Lisa Rinna reveal some naughty secrets about their husbands, while Dorit calls out Teddi’s betrayal.

First Aired: 07-16-2019
21. Hurricane Camille

When Kyle hosts a party, Camille is eager to settle the score with Teddi, Dorit and Lisa Rinna; Denise loses her cool; Kim updates Kyle on where she stands with Lisa Rinna; Kyle reveals she had an encounter with Lisa Vanderpump

First Aired: 07-09-2019
20. Un Petit Hangover

The morning after their drunken tirade, Lisa Rinna encourages Kyle and Teddi to do damage control; Denise copes with her family's displacement; Dorit reveals her first window display; Camille reveals her true feelings about Dorit.

First Aired: 06-25-2019
19. Thirst Impressions

In Provence, France, an excursion features wine and laughs; Teddi and Kyle overindulge, leading to a night of revelations, tears, and chaos; Denise and Camille return to their homes for the first time since wildfires upended their lives.

First Aired: 06-18-2019
18. Pardon Our French

Kyle, Erika, Dorit, Teddi, and Lisa Rinna arrive at a chateau in Provence, France, for a wine-tasting adventure; Denise and Camille must stay behind when a wildfire forces them to evacuate their homes; Kyle opens up about something deeply personal.

First Aired: 06-11-2019
17. A Double Shot of Brandi

Kyle plans a girls’ trip to Provence, France. Erika and Lisa Rinna are astonished by Camille talking out of both sides of her mouth about Dorit – and are certain Dorit will call her on it. Denise spends a wild night with new friend Brandi Glanville and gets an earful about the other women.

First Aired: 06-04-2019
16. Meet Rinna Jayne

Lisa Rinna, Kyle, Teddi, and Dorit discover an article that exposes Camille's duplicity; while planning a Halloween bash, Kyle faces her worst fear; Dorit and Teddi battle the urge to confront Camille; Lisa Rinna makes a move that shocks everyone.

First Aired: 05-28-2019
15. One Wedding and a Polygraph

The women travel to Hawaii for Camille's lavish wedding in paradise; Kyle stands up as a bridesmaid; Lisa Rinna's health may derail her fun time with Dorit; Lisa Vanderpump resorts to drastic measures to prove her innocence in the dog drama.

First Aired: 05-21-2019
14. The Show Must Go On

Kyle, Lisa Rinna, Dorit, and Teddi get wild at the L.A. stop of Erika's concert tour, but a major mishap threatens to silence the show; while inviting Lisa Vanderpump to her Hawaiian wedding, Camille finds another opportunity to criticize Teddi.

First Aired: 05-14-2019
13. Grilling Me Softly

The ladies hit the road in Teddi's RV for a camping trip; Erika and Dorit embrace the idea of roughing it; during a fireside chat, Camille lets Teddi know how she really feels about her, and Denise shares a raunchy story that stuns the others.

First Aired: 05-07-2019
12. The Ultimate Ultimatum

First Aired: 04-30-2019
11. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

First Aired: 04-23-2019
10. A Supreme Snub

After throwing a bridal shower for Camille, Kyle finds out she is being blamed for Lisa Vanderpump's absence; Lisa Rinna and Teddi get into a political argument with Camille; Denise gives Dorit a shoulder to cry on; Erika prepares for her tour.

First Aired: 04-16-2019
9. A Wolf in Camille's Clothing

As Lisa Vanderpump's birthday approaches, she and Kyle deal with raw emotions in the aftermath of their falling out; Denise is caught between her loyalty to the group and her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump; Lisa Rinna and Teddi discuss a tweet.

First Aired: 04-09-2019
8. Showdown at Villa Rosa

Denise and Aaron begin their life together by nesting at home; Dorit deals with the repercussions of the dog fiasco; a monster argument breaks out between Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump culminating in Lisa and Ken demanding that Kyle leave their house.

First Aired: 04-02-2019
7. Eat, Drink, and Be Married

Kyle, Dorit, and Teddi shop for a wedding gift for Denise, who scrambles to pull off her big day in record time. Lisa Rinna comes face-to-face with an old flame, who dated both her and Denise at the same time. After their disastrous run-in at Camille’s birthday party, Lisa Vanderpump dreads seeing Teddi at the wedding. Erika prepares for the launch of her new tour.

First Aired: 03-26-2019
6. Fifty Shades of Shade

Erika pushes Dorit to take her sex appeal to the next level during a magazine photo shoot. Denise lets it all hang out at dinner with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle, and reveals some big details -- literally -- about Aaron. Lisa Rinna helps Camille plan her 50th birthday bash, but tensions run high at the celebration when Teddi and Lisa Vanderpump go head to head.

First Aired: 03-19-2019
5. The Proof Hurts

Denise shares exciting news with Lisa Rinna; Kyle and her family drop Sophia off at college; in Erika's chapel, Teddi confesses her involvement in the dog drama, but Lisa Vanderpump insists that Teddi is not as angelic as she makes herself out to be.

First Aired: 03-12-2019
4. Bahama Drama

Lisa Rinna and Denise comfort Dorit, who struggles to make sense of the gossip surrounding her dog; Lisa Vanderpump is accused of spreading the dog story; Erika and Teddi put their rocky past behind them; Kyle buys jewelry after last year's burglary.

First Aired: 03-05-2019
3. Sun and Shade in the Bahamas

In the Bahamas, newcomer Denise quickly discovers that fun in the sun, sand and surf comes with plenty of conflict for the rest of the women; Lisa Rinna suspects Kyle and Teddi were used in a scheme to exact revenge on Dorit.

First Aired: 02-26-2019
2. Eat Your Heart Out

Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump visit a cosmetic dermatologist in the hopes of lifting Lisa’s spirits, as well as some other body parts; Dorit suggests a girls’ trip to the Bahamas; Lisa Rinna hosts a pastry party.

First Aired: 02-19-2019
1. Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

Erika is excited when Lisa Rinna introduces actress Denise Richards to the group; Lisa Vanderpump struggles to come to terms with her grief after a personal tragedy; Dorit is concerned that Teddi will twist information about her family’s dog.

First Aired: 02-12-2019
Season 8 22 full episodes
22. Secrets Revealed

First Aired: 05-15-2018
21. Reunion (Part 3)

First Aired: 05-08-2018
20. Reunion (Part 2)

First Aired: 05-01-2018
19. Reunion (Part 1)

The women dive into unresolved issues; Erika discusses the public’s reaction to her book; Lisa Rinna explains the reason behind her behavior; Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle and Dorit discuss their friendship, and hurt feelings come to a head..

First Aired: 04-24-2018
18. The Runaway Runway

In the season finale, Dorit launches her swimwear line with a glamorous fashion show that could make or break her design comeback. Camille shares life-changing news. Lisa Rinna worries about Delilah being homesick in New York. Kyle expresses her feelings about Dorit, but it causes an unexpected rift with Erika. Lisa Vanderpump is forced to reveal a hard truth to Dorit.

First Aired: 04-17-2018
17. Better Latex Than Never

As the Berlin trip concludes, one of the ladies can’t seem to be on time to any of the scheduled events; surprisingly, it’s not Dorit. "Pretend amnesia” rears its ugly head again, and Erika is surprised to hear how Teddi truly feels about her. Kyle’s still upset with Dorit but chooses to ignore her own feelings for the sake of the trip. Dorit stresses over final preparations for her fashion show—and fears she won’t be able to pull off her big comeback.

First Aired: 04-10-2018
16. Holy Schnitzel

A peaceful horseback ride through the German countryside takes a dangerous turn for Kyle and Lisa Rinna. The ladies get emotional while visiting the Eisenman Holocaust Memorial and Berlin Wall. The group gets into the Oktoberfest spirit when they spend the night dancing at a Berlin beer hall.

First Aired: 04-03-2018
15. Dames, Dogs and Danke

Lisa Vanderpump's documentary about dog abuse in China premieres at a film festival; Dorit races to finish her swimwear collection on time, then suffers the consequences when she becomes sick on the way to the girls' trip to Berlin.

First Aired: 03-27-2018
14. Heaven Knows

First Aired: 03-20-2018
13. Crying Shame

First Aired: 03-13-2018
12. Gag Gift

Erika's Hollywood journey comes full circle; the women attend Camille's charity event, where Teddi's motives are brought into question; Dorit tries to repair her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump; Camille attempts to silence Dorit once and for all.

First Aired: 03-06-2018
11. Thank You, Thuck You

With front row seats to New York Fashion Week, Dorit tries to get back into Lisa Vanderpump's good graces, while Kyle wants an apology from Lisa but doesn't think she'll get one. Erika comes face to face with Kyle's old friend, Bethenny Frankel, who was critical of Erika's music the last time they met. Lisa Rinna's daughter is already feeling homesick. Teddi persuades Lisa Vanderpump to do the unthinkable.

First Aired: 02-27-2018
10. The Big Apple Bites

Dorit attempts to come clean with Lisa Vanderpump; Erika meets with her publisher to give an update on her book; Kyle gets wind of what Dorit has been saying about her from Teddi; an altercation arises on what should be Dorit's big night.

First Aired: 02-20-2018
9. That Was Weird

Teddi’s beach house weekend ends abruptly—and disastrously—when Dorit reveals to Erika what was said about her after her unexpected departure. The ladies descend upon New York for Fashion Week. Lisa Rinna helps her daughter, Delilah, get settled in New York City. Private information about Lisa Vanderpump is revealed publicly—and some of the ladies worry how she’ll react once she finds out.

First Aired: 02-13-2018
8. Petty Mess

Lisa Rinna returns to her roots, and the role of Billie, on Days of Our Lives. Lisa Vanderpump receives news about the lawsuit, but Kyle and Dorit don’t react to it the way she hopes — prompting Lisa to walk out on them. Teddi’s concerns about hosting the women at her beach house come true when Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump waste no time addressing their latest issues in front of everyone.

First Aired: 02-06-2018
7. Birthday Fever

Kyle worries when she's late for a double date with Teddi and their husbands. Lisa Rinna hustles her way into two new acting gigs. Dorit shocks her husband PK with an extravagant 50th birthday party on a yacht. Erika and Lisa Vanderpump have differing opinions about Dorit's big surprise, and a wine glass is at the center of a new conflict.

First Aired: 01-30-2018
6. Wham, Glam, Thank You Ma’Am

Dorit searches for the perfect birthday gift for PK, and takes Erika to test drive an insanely luxurious car. Lisa Rinna worries about her daughter's upcoming move to New York City. Lisa Vanderpump confides in Kyle about the lawsuit brought against her and Ken – and later criticizes Lisa Rinna for talking about it behind her back. Teddi's spa day is everything but relaxing.

First Aired: 01-23-2018
5. Unfashionably Late

Kyle laments not being able to share her newfound success as a television producer with her sisters. Dorit relaunches her swimwear line, but a business meeting inadvertently causes friction with Teddi. After returning from Tokyo, Erika is shaken when she receives unexpected news. Lisa Vanderpump advises Dorit to make things right with Camille.

First Aired: 01-16-2018
4. Lights Out!

Lisa Rinna and Erika jet off to Tokyo to support Amelia and Delilah's latest modeling gig, but "momager” Lisa comes to the realization that the girls might not need her there as much as she thought. Dorit agrees to model for Lisa Vanderpump's magazine, but the photo shoot is not what she expected. When the power goes out at Kyle's dinner party, the darkness brings out the worst in one housewife, leading to an explosive outburst.

First Aired: 01-09-2018
3. Bad Guys

Erika revisits her past as she writes her memoir; Lisa Vanderpump helps PK throw a lavish birthday dinner for Dorit; Teddi starts to question Dorit's character when Dorit speaks badly about Lisa Rinna; Kyle vacations with her family in Croatia.

First Aired: 01-02-2018
2. Diva Las Vegas

Teddi's job as an accountability coach leads to questions amongst the group. Lisa Vanderpump takes Erika to task for not responding whenever she reaches out. Kyle and Dorit confront Lisa Rinna while on a Ferris wheel overlooking the Las Vegas strip.

First Aired: 12-26-2017
1. Don't Cry Over Spilled Wine

Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump charter a private jet to take the ladies to Las Vegas for a group birthday celebration. Dorit's new friend hits it off with Lisa Vanderpump over drinks. Familiar faces Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammar join the festivities.

First Aired: 12-19-2017
Season 7 21 full episodes
21. Reunion Part III

As the reunion comes to a close, all the harsh feelings force the women to evaluate the bonds they have forged over the years. Lisa Vanderpump gets surprisingly emotional when discussing her son and her crusade to save dogs. Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards attempt to see eye-to-eye, while Kyle decides to dive into the fray.

First Aired: 04-25-2017
20. Reunion Part II

Drama continues to run high as Erika, Eileen and Lisa Rinna stand their ground against PK’s attempts to explain himself. The women share insights into their various careers and laugh at the over-the-top ways they greet each other. However, things take a turn when Eden and Kim Richards join the ladies. Simmering issues quickly come to a head and it all becomes too unbearable for one of the ladies.

First Aired: 04-18-2017
19. Reunion Part I

The climactic reunion begins with Erika addressing the claims that she has an icy demeanor, while new housewife Dorit defends her parenting skills. Meanwhile, wounds have not fully healed between Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna and Eileen; and tensions escalate when Dorit’s divisive husband PK joins the ladies on the couch.

First Aired: 04-11-2017
18. Diamonds Under Pressure

Lisa Rinna and Erika's unresolved issues with Dorit come to a head at Lisa Vanderpump's Diamonds and Rosé party, which is filled with fabulous food, glittering ponies and lots of tension. When Dorit’s efforts to defend herself fall on deaf ears, her husband PK joins the fray. Eden shocks the women by unleashing an epic tirade on Lisa Rinna.

First Aired: 04-04-2017
17. From Dogs to Diamonds

Still in Hong Kong, Lisa Rinna defends her scandalous accusations about Dorit. The ladies’ hearts are warmed when they visit the SPCA to see the dogs that Lisa Vanderpump has helped rescue. Later, back in Beverly Hills, Erika shoots her scenes for The Young & the Restless before everybody heads to Villa Rosa for a spectacular Diamonds and Rosé party.

First Aired: 03-28-2017
16. Big Buddha Brawl

Tensions between Dorit and Erika continue to rock the boat in Hong Kong. Lisa Rinna and Eileen pick a side while Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle watch in shock. Will visiting the second largest Buddha in the world cure the madness or just serve as an intermission? That question is answered at an even more shocking dinner.

First Aired: 03-21-2017
15. Hong Kong Fireworks

The women head to Hong Kong, where Lisa Vanderpump's effort to stop animal cruelty continues. Meanwhile, Erika confides in Kyle about visiting her mother in Georgia, and past conflicts explode aboard a historic junk boat, pitting Dorit against Lisa Rinna against Erika.

First Aired: 03-14-2017
14. Sweet Georgia Jayne

Kyle hosts a party at her store where Lisa Vanderpump's invitations to Hong Kong get out of hand. The ladies gather at Villa Rosa for lunch, where Dorit tries to chip away Erika's icy personality. After lunch, Erika flies back home to Georgia to see her mother and reconnect with her roots.

First Aired: 03-07-2017
13. Cake Therapy

Erika flexes her acting muscles as she rehearses for her upcoming soap role with Eileen. Lisa Vanderpump and Ken visit their new dog rescue center. Later, Kyle throws a cake tasting for Wilson Phillips singer Carnie Wilson, where Lisa Rinna makes a startling—and very public—confession to Kim.

First Aired: 02-28-2017
12. Feeding a Need

After a tear-filled Mexico trip, Lisa Rinna confronts Eden over the “near death” accusations. Lisa Vanderpump buys her son Max a condo, and the scripted show inspired by Kyle's childhood becomes even more of a reality. Lisa Rinna is honored with an award from her favorite charity, but Dorit has increasing suspicions about what she sees as erratic behavior from Rinna.

First Aired: 02-21-2017
11. Backed Into a Corner

Tensions run high at Mauricio’s party in Mexico, as Kyle demands to know exactly what Lisa Rinna said about her sister Kim. Eden seeks her mother’s advice regarding Kyle and Kim. Erika advises Rinna to come clean with Kyle, but Rinna maintains she’s done nothing wrong. The Mexico trip wraps up with a wild boat ride and a dance to remember.

First Aired: 02-14-2017
10. Hostile Hacienda

As the women pack for their trip to Mexico, Eden stops by Lisa Vanderpump's house to tell her what Lisa Rinna said about Kim's sobriety. With Lisa Rinna in NYC to see her model daughter walk at Fashion Week, the ladies in Mexico discuss her shocking comments.

First Aired: 02-07-2017
9. Harry's Meat and Gatsby's Fete

Eileen is thrilled when Erika nails her reading at The Young and the Restless. Lisa Rinna throws a barbecue, but Harry ends up doing most of the work. Kyle hopes Lisa Vanderpump will show up at her Great Gatsby party, but it's Eden who causes a scene there when she voices her true feelings about Kim.

First Aired: 01-31-2017
8. Boys, Blades and Bag of Pills

Lisa Rinna reveals the recipe for her favorite smoothie while Eden is suspicious about Kim Richards’ sobriety. Erika Jayne performs in Greece for her biggest crowd ever and Dorit shocks the ladies by having Boy George perform at her husband’s birthday party.

First Aired: 01-24-2017
7. It's Expensive to Be Me

After her explosive encounter with Kim at Kyle’s game night, Lisa Rinna vents to Eden. Erika records the music video for her new song before jetting off to Mykonos, Greece, with Kyle. Lisa Vanderpump’s son Max begins a quest to find his biological parents, while Dorit tries to find common ground with Lisa Rinna and Eileen.

First Aired: 01-17-2017
6. Compromising Positions

Despite having disastrous parties in the past, Kyle cautiously hosts a game night for all the women, which leads to compromising positions and plenty of laughs. Lisa Rinna and Kim reunite and their feud is reignited, while Dorit and Eileen exchange angry words.

First Aired: 01-10-2017
5. Amnesia Appetizers

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle talk female rejuvenation with a plastic surgeon, while Lisa Rinna and Erika meet Eden, daughter of hairstyling icon Vidal Sassoon. Dorit hosts a dinner party where she and her husband PK question Lisa Rinna and Eileen’s grieving decisions. When confronted, Dorit remembers nothing, leading to flared tensions at a luncheon at Camille Grammer's new Malibu house.

First Aired: 01-03-2017
4. Pantygate

Dorit questions whether Erika’s wardrobe malfunction was intentional, while Lisa Rinna dominates the fashion world with a 24-hour garment selling marathon. Erika explores a future in acting with Eileen. And when Dorit employs a risky maneuver to confront Erika, the ladies worry they won’t be able to escape a challenge they’ve taken on together.

First Aired: 12-27-2016
3. Going Commando

Kyle and Lisa Rinna cross paths in New York City while traveling with their daughters. Back in Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump surprises Ken with a $25,000 watch on his birthday, and Eileen continues to struggle with the loss of her mother. Later, over drinks with the group, Erika's short dress leads to quick peeks and judgments passed.

First Aired: 12-20-2016
2. The Buddha Bentley Birthday

Erika auditions dancers for her new music video “Xxpensive.” Dorit's extravagant birthday party provides a few surprises, both planned and unplanned. At the party, Lisa Vanderpump shows Lisa Rinna and Eileen exactly where they stand.

First Aired: 12-13-2016
1. Stronger Than Ever

Lisa Vanderpump introduces the group to her friend Dorit, whose permanent houseguest is Boy George. Erika celebrates her 45th birthday in style with a 1970s-inspired Studio 54 party and receives more than one birthday surprise. Lisa Rinna and Eileen awkwardly come face to face with Lisa Vanderpump for the first time in months.

First Aired: 12-06-2016
Season 6 24 full episodes
24. Secrets Revealed

First Aired: 05-10-2016
23. Reunion Part 3

First Aired: 05-03-2016
22. Reunion Part 2

First Aired: 04-26-2016
21. Reunion Part 1

The gripping three-part reunion begins with Yolanda revealing the difficulties she faces relapsing with Lyme disease. Although she does leave the couch early, Yolanda stays long enough to defend her daughter from Brandi’s “alcoholic” comment and attempts to create some peace within the group. Kim declares she has more “pride” than Lisa Rinna in the roles she chooses and Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump getting into an argument that suggests little future for their onetime friendship.

First Aired: 04-19-2016
20. Who Do You Believe?

First Aired: 04-12-2016
19. Goodbye, Dubai

First Aired: 04-05-2016
18. Dubai Daze

After a full day of travel, the ladies finally step outside and see what Dubai has to offer. They drive through the sand dunes, shop at the local souk market and experience a traditional Arabian Nights dinner with meat from animals they didn't consider edible. Even though Yolanda stayed in Beverly Hills, there are still lingering feelings from the Munchausen fallout, leaving some ladies to feel deserted.

First Aired: 03-29-2016
17. Lymes in the Sand

At a glittering gala in New York, Yolanda receives a Lyme disease awareness award, which erases any doubts Kyle had about Yolanda's illness. Days later, the women travel to Dubai and attempt to live in a culture where they must dress modestly and not curse. After marveling at the city and their unbelievably over-the-top hotel rooms, the ladies gather for an evening full of doubts from Lisa Rinna, who did not attend the Lyme gala.

First Aired: 03-22-2016
16. Hearing Is Believing

The ladies shop for diamonds in support of Camille's cancer charity. Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump rallies her pals for a march; trust issues surround Lisa Rinna and Yolanda; and Erika's private jet is used for a trip to New York for Yolanda's Lyme Gala.

First Aired: 03-15-2016
15. Objection Your Honor

First Aired: 03-08-2016
14. Not Easy to Love

Yolanda hosts a dinner party attended by a music guest; Eileen is upset because Lisa Rinna won't come clean about her feelings; Erika is leery of Kathryn who betrayed a confidence to Lisa Vanderpump; Kyle and Kim come face to face after nine months.

First Aired: 03-01-2016
13. Spinning a Web

The ladies take a spin class to raise funds for charity, but flying allegations mark the follow-up lunch. Here, Yolanda targets Kyle for spreading gossip and then confronts Lisa Vanderpump. Meanwhile, Kathryn tries to gain Erika's trust.

First Aired: 02-23-2016
12. Hearing Problems

The ladies have brunch at Kathryn and Donnie's San Diego home, but emotions run high when Kyle's sister Kim is brought up and Kathryn reveals pain from her past. Eileen gets an Erika Jayne makeover, while Kyle meets with an old friend who has some advice for dealing with her sister. Then, the shadow of Munchausen Syndrome casts a dark cloud over Erika's sexy outdoor pool party as tempers reach their boiling point.

First Aired: 02-16-2016
11. Please Welcome Erika Jayne!

Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump try cryotherapy with Yolanda. Meanwhile, Erika invites the women to see her perform at an over-the-top San Diego club, and Lisa Rinna is accused of throwing Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump under the bus.

First Aired: 02-09-2016
10. Backwards in Heels

A joint anniversary bash with a burlesque theme is planned by Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump, but dramas spike when it's discovered Faye Resnick is on Kyle's guest list. Also, Lisa Rinna continues to feel guilty about a past discussion.

First Aired: 02-02-2016
9. Busted BBQ

Lisa Vanderpump takes a tour of the space Ken wants for a new restaurant. Meanwhile, Eileen flies to Italy to spread her sister's ashes; and Kyle hosts a barbecue, where dramas sizzle over Yolanda's claims, plus a 20-year grudge rears its ugly head.

First Aired: 01-26-2016
8. Going Deep

Kyle hosts a book signing at her new Hamptons pop-up shop for pal Bethenny Frankel. Also, Eileen shares a secret from her past; Erika picks up a recovering Yolanda in her private plane; Kyle consults Faye Resnick for help in dealing with sister Kim.

First Aired: 01-19-2016
7. Pretty Mess

First Aired: 01-12-2016
6. Hamptons, 90210

The women travel to The Hamptons to celebrate Lisa Vanderpump on the cover of Bella Magazine, but Lisa’s feathers are ruffled when she feels slighted by her friends. Yolanda's ongoing battle against Lyme disease finds her in Cleveland--and under the knife. Kyle is devastated by news about Kim.

First Aired: 01-04-2016
5. Will Power

The women are intrigued with Yolanda's friend Erika, whose short skirt and flashy Cartier ring leave a memorable impression. Lisa Vanderpump pays an emergency visit to her veterinarian's office. Eileen inadvertently references Lisa Rinna's comment about Yolanda's illness in front of the other women -- including Yolanda. Later, on the eve of getting her breast implants removed, Yolanda makes a startling announcement to her children.

First Aired: 12-29-2015
4. The M Word

Kyle reflects on her career when her 7-year-old daughter, Portia, expresses an interest in acting; Lisa Vanderpump invites the women over to show off the mini-horses; Lisa Rinna makes a shocking suggestion about Yolanda's health.

First Aired: 12-22-2015
3. Horsing Around

Kyle receives bad news about Kim after returning from her European vacation. Also: Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump jet off to find a perfect mini-horse for a birthday present; Eileen tries to juggle motherhood and her career; Ken's birthday bash is held.

First Aired: 12-15-2015
2. Ciao, Tuscany!

Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump are enjoying a fabulous time zooming through Italy in a Ferrari and taking in the tranquil countryside when family problems interrupt. Meanwhile, back in Beverly Hills, Yolanda takes drastic measures to improve her health and Eileen and Lisa Rinna are stunned by her condition.

First Aired: 12-08-2015
1. Life's a Pitch

As always, fun, excitement and gossip permeate the rarified air of Beverly Hills. Lisa Vanderpump has been tapped to throw out a first pitch at Dodger Stadium, while Kyle buys $75,000 sunglasses for her store. Unfortunately, real life always has a way of rearing its ugly head. Kyle wonders how to deal with her troubled sister Kim, currently in rehab, and Eileen suffers a loss in her family. In the midst of her Lyme disease struggle, Yolanda shows up for Lisa Rinna’s birthday dinner, but her appearance draws mixed reactions.

First Aired: 12-01-2015
Season 5 23 full episodes
23. Secrets Revealed

Previously unseen clips of the ladies are revealed. Eileen mulls over winning an Emmy, Kyle's daughter wants to pursue an acting career, the women snoop into Yolanda's past and Kim confronts Lisa Rinna.

First Aired: 04-21-2015
22. Reunion Part 3

First Aired: 04-14-2015
21. Reunion Part 2

The Beverly Hills housewives continue reliving good times and airing their grievances. Eileen discusses how Brandi went from a high-school fan to a wine-tossing foe. Kim delves into her own issues with the soap stars and goes after Lisa Rinna. Kim and Kyle vacillate between anger and tears.

First Aired: 04-07-2015
20. Reunion Part 1

First Aired: 03-31-2015
19. The Party's Over

The women attend an over-the-top party thrown by friend Adrienne Maloof; Lisa Vanderpump confronts Brandi about the slap delivered in Amsterdam; Kyle gets angry with Lisa Rinna for not corroborating that Brandi is worried about Kim's sobriety.

First Aired: 03-24-2015
18. Confessions of a Housewife

Lisa Vanderpump refuses to accept Brandi's apology; the women return home after a final dinner in Amsterdam; Brandi gets bad news about her father's health; Kyle angrily reveals to Kim what Brandi has been saying behind her back.

First Aired: 03-17-2015
17. Amster-damn Slap

The women split into two groups to explore Amsterdam; Eileen confronts Lisa Rinna about her lack of support; all of the unresolved issues come to a head while the women are at dinner on a riverboat; Brandi playfully slaps Lisa Vanderpump.

First Aired: 03-10-2015
16. Amster-Damn!

In Amsterdam, Kim and Lisa Rinna continue to aggravate each other, culminating in an explosive dinner that causes Kyle to flee the scene; the women enjoy the local space cakes, but the fun sours when Brandi blows up at Kyle.

First Aired: 03-03-2015
15. Welcome to Amsterdam?

The women are forced to set aside their differences and work together as teams while taking part in Yolanda's scavenger hunt; the women embark on a group trip to Amsterdam; at a charity gala, Kim reproaches Lisa Rinna for talking behind her back.

First Aired: 02-24-2015
14. Surprise!

Eileen organizes a table-read for her husband's latest Hollywood script, and emotions run high; Brandi agrees to a 21-day cleanse but attending Lisa Vanderpump's surprise birthday party causes her to second-guess her decision to stay sober.

First Aired: 02-17-2015
13. Sister Act

First Aired: 02-10-2015
12. Drama Queens

Lisa Vanderpump's adopted son, Max, decides he wants to take a DNA test to discover his heritage; Brandi and Kyle trade accusations while visiting Kim; Brandi shows up uninvited to Kyle's gay mixer where insults are exchanged.

First Aired: 02-03-2015
11. It's Just a Scratch

Kyle and Brandi argue over Kim in the wake of Eileen's poker party; Lisa Vanderpump's dog, Rumpy, returns from puppy training camp; Lisa Rinna hosts a jewelry party, where Brandi gets called out over her recent behavior.

First Aired: 01-27-2015
10. House of Cards

The women visit a spa in Santa Barbara, Calif., but the afternoon turns tense; Eileen invites everyone to her Malibu home for a night of poker; Kim's erratic behavior puts everyone on edge, leading to a confrontation between Brandi and Kyle.

First Aired: 01-20-2015
9. Live and Learn

Yolanda and Kyle are apprehensive about dropping their daughters off at college; Lisa Rinna shoots a movie with her husband Harry Hamlin and magician Penn Jillette; Brandi checks out her ex-husband's new TV reality show.

First Aired: 01-13-2015
8. Wining and Dining

Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump meet to discuss the status of their relationship; Yolanda struggles to trust Bella after her DUI charge; Eileen and Brandi tell stories about their marriages, but Brandi is dismayed by one of Eileen's revelations.

First Aired: 01-06-2015
7. Breaking Branches

An unexpected guest shows up at Brandi's housewarming party; Lisa Rinna hosts "Access Hollywood Live;" Eileen experiments with a new form of exercising; Lisa Vanderpump hosts a charity event at PUMP, where Brandi makes an unusual offer.

First Aired: 12-30-2014
6. Medford, 90210

Lisa Rinna returns to her hometown of Medford, Ore., to visit her ailing parents; Eileen gets a chance to meet everyone at Kyle's barbecue party; Brandi pressures Lisa Vanderpump for an answer about her housewarming party.

First Aired: 12-23-2014
5. Star Sighting

Kyle returns home early from Spain to attend Kim's daughter's wedding; Eileen reprises her role as Ashley Abbott on "The Young and the Restless;" Yolanda deals with the fallout from her daughter's DUI.

First Aired: 12-16-2014
4. Livin' la Vida Housewife

Lisa Vanderpump asks Lisa Rinna to come with her as she receives a plaque on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars, Kyle ia concerned her coughing sister will make her sick.

First Aired: 12-09-2014
3. Pay Attention to Me!

Lisa Vanderpump arranges a private birthday dinner for Lisa Rinna at PUMP. Harry Hamlin shows up with just the perfect gift. Brandi settles into her new home.

First Aired: 12-02-2014
2. Who Stalked J.R.?

Kim and some good looking movers help Brandi move into her new house whilst Kyle and her family fly in a private plane to Lake Tahoe.

First Aired: 11-25-2014
1. Guess Who's Coming to the White Party?

Lisa Vanderpump is still wary of her former friends but begins to reconnect with Yolanda and Kyle; all of the women come face to face at Kyle's extravagant White Party; the annual event brings together the original Beverly Hills housewives.

First Aired: 11-18-2014
Season 4 23 full episodes
23. Secrets Revealed

Watch never-before-seen moments, including Kim giving Brandi acting lessons, and Lisa and Joyce bonding.

First Aired: 04-07-2014
22. Reunion, Part 3

The women continue to try to hash things out with Lisa, while the husbands join the fray, as Ken defends his wife.

First Aired: 03-31-2014
21. Reunion, Part 2

In Part 2 of the Reunion, Lisa and Kyle face-off, while Brandi shares more about her tough year.

First Aired: 03-24-2014
20. Reunion, Part 1

Andy Cohen gathers the women to see what happened to the "Dream Team," while Brandi and Joyce face off.

First Aired: 03-17-2014
19. Are You My Friend?

The ladies meet for the first time since Puerto Rico, and try to decide who is friend and who is foe in the trip's wake.

First Aired: 03-10-2014
18. The Kids Are Alright

After Lisa leaves the trip, the ladies almost get arrested, before returning to BH to send Kimberly and Gigi to college.

First Aired: 03-03-2014
17. Lines in the Sand

The women head to Puerto Rico, but a battle royale erupts when the ladies confront Lisa and Ken over dinner.

First Aired: 02-24-2014
16. Turning Down the Crown

The ladies plan for Puerto Rico, but exclude Carlton after more mysterious incidents.

First Aired: 02-17-2014
15. Trail of Doubts

Brandi confides in Kyle, while Carlton uninvites Kyle to her party.

First Aired: 02-10-2014
14. The Birthday Witch

Kyle and Mauricio's birthday party descends into drama when Carlton and Kyle face off over religion.

First Aired: 02-03-2014
13. The Curse of Carlton

The ladies attend Carlton's raucous pool party, but later talk of witchcraft leads to promises of a curse against Joyce.

First Aired: 01-27-2014
12. Tough Break

Brandi takes Yolanda to Sacramento as she tries to reconnect with her father.

First Aired: 01-20-2014
11. Luaus and Lies

Brandi and Carlton pole-dance, while Kim throws a going away luau for her daughter.

First Aired: 01-13-2014
10. Catfight on the Catwalk

Yolanda chides Brandi for her behavior towards Joyce, before the ladies must share the catwalk at Kyle's fashion show.

First Aired: 01-06-2014
9. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

When Lisa hosts a dinner at SUR to mend things with Joyce, things go worse than her last meal with "The Dream Team."

First Aired: 12-30-2013
8. She Hearts You, She Hearts You Not

Drama unfolds when the name cards at Yolanda's dinner reveal which Housewives are part of her "Dream Team."

First Aired: 12-23-2013
7. Escape to Bitch Mountain

Kyle finds unexpected comfort in Palm Springs, while Brandi breaks down as her dog goes missing.

First Aired: 12-16-2013
6. Palm Springs Breakers

The Wives head out on vacation, but Brandi might have been overserved during the antics and lashes out at Joyce.

First Aired: 12-09-2013
5. Star of the Family

Brandi reveals a secret about her relationship with Carlton, Yolanda's husband David gets a star on the Walk of Fame.

First Aired: 12-02-2013
4. Irked at Cirque

While mastering circus school, Brandi and Kyle face off over bullying accusations and Joyce and Lisa butt heads.

First Aired: 11-25-2013
3. Life's a Witch

The ladies dine at Carlton's gothic manor, with Lisa's faint and the rumors about Mauricio on the menu for discussion.

First Aired: 11-18-2013
2. Faint Chance

The ladies find Lisa's spill on 'Dancing With the Stars' suspicious, while Kyle offends Carlton by killing a bee.

First Aired: 11-11-2013
1. A Catered Affair to Remember

Kyle hosts a party to celebrate Beverly Hills birthday -- catered by the staff of Lisa's restaurant SUR.

First Aired: 11-04-2013
Season 3 22 full episodes
22. Secrets Revealed

Andy goes even deeper into the Season 3 drama, including Taylor's unseen confrontation of Adrienne.

First Aired: 04-08-2013
21. Reunion, Part 2

Andy and the 'Wives get even more dramatic, with Kim and Yolanda facing off.

First Aired: 04-01-2013
20. Reunion, Part 1

Adrienne's absence spars Andy to make an announcement and the ladies discuss Kyle and Lisa's friendship.

First Aired: 03-25-2013
19. Finale

Faye takes on Lisa at her vow renewal ceremony, while Adrienne leans on the ladies for support.

First Aired: 03-25-2013
18. A Vodka Shot Through the Heart

Adrienne and Paul separate, while Brandi and Faye face-off.

First Aired: 03-18-2013
17. No Business Like Clothes Business

The ladies wrap up their trip to Paris and back in L.A. Kyle throws a party for the opening of her store.

First Aired: 03-11-2013
16. The Real Housewives of Paris, Part Deux

Kyle and Lisa have a heated discussion about their friendship on top of the Eiffel Tower.

First Aired: 03-04-2013
15. The Real Housewives of Paris, Part Un

The 'Wives head to Paris, but not before confronting Taylor about her increasingly troubling behavior.

First Aired: 02-25-2013
14. White Party Pooper

Kim reveals her new nose with a party, while Taylor reveals that she's in love.

First Aired: 02-18-2013
13. Game of Scones

Adrienne and Brandi come face-to-face (and to blows) at Lisa's tea party.

First Aired: 02-11-2013
12. Kim Nose Best

The 'Wives try their hand at pole dancing, while Kim goes under the knife for a nose job.

First Aired: 02-04-2013
11. Stars and Strips

The ladies head to Vegas to find empowerment through pole dancing.

First Aired: 01-28-2013
10. Home Is Where the Art Is

The ladies attend an art opening (with Paris Hilton), and Brandi plans a trip to Vegas.

First Aired: 01-21-2013
9. Moroccan Madness

Kim and Kyle try to make peace, while Brandi, Adrienne, and Paul prepare to take their battle to the legal- evel.

First Aired: 01-14-2013
8. Vanderpump Rules

Brandi confronts Scheana, while Taylor deals with family issues.

First Aired: 01-07-2013
7. Oy, Faye!

Faye Resnick gets involved in the fallout of Brandi and Adrienne's big stand-off.

First Aired: 12-17-2012
6. She's Gone Too Far

Brandi spills a secret about Adrienne's personal life, leading to a massive confrontation.

First Aired: 12-10-2012
5. Girls Gone Ojai'ld

The tension mounts after Brandi's outburst, but the gals try to make the best of their time in Ojai.

First Aired: 12-03-2012
4. Uh Oh, Somebody's Crying!

Kim organizes a ladies trip to Ojai and attempts to mend things with Brandi.

First Aired: 11-26-2012
3. Don't Sing for Your Supper

Yolanda has the ladies over for a sing-a-long/dinner party, but Taylor is annoyed by the house rules.

First Aired: 11-19-2012
2. The Higher the Heel, the Closer to God

Kyle gather the ladies for Portia's birthday, but tensions continue to simmer between Lisa and Adrienne.

First Aired: 11-12-2012
1. Down and Left Out in Beverly Hills

The ladies are back, but Adrienne and Lisa are already at odds for last season's drama.

First Aired: 11-05-2012
Season 2 24 full episodes
24. The Lost Footage

A "Lost Footage" special featuring the jaw dropping fight between Brandi and Kyle where tensions boiled over at The Malibu Beach Party. That and other clips originally left on the cutting room floor are sure to surprise, astonish and amuse.

First Aired: 02-16-2012
23. Reunion, Part 3

Kim Richards exclusively reveals to Andy Cohen, "I am an alcoholic" and discusses life after rehab. Housewife friend Dana Wilkey also appears to recount with her recollection of Game Night followed by the husbands who field viewer questions.

First Aired: 02-13-2012
22. Reunion, Part 2

The Beverly Hills bombshells sit down with Andy Cohen to re-live and re-hash the seasons most controversial and talked about moments.

First Aired: 02-06-2012
21. Reunion, Part 1

Andy Cohen sits down the first ladies of Beverly Hills to discuss the dramatic second season.

First Aired: 01-30-2012
20. The Real Wedding of Beverly Hills

The blessed event arrives as Pandora finally weds Jason at Vanderpump Manor.

First Aired: 01-23-2012
19. Night of a Thousand Surprises

New drama and old faces pop up at the launch party for Lisa's new lounge and a disheveled Kim tells Kyle the truth about her new boyfriend Ken.

First Aired: 01-16-2012
18. A Day Late, an Apology Short

Anxiety increases in the group when Kim and her new boyfriend arrive in Hawaii, missing most of the activities. Kyle finally breaks down and tells Kim how she feels about her strange and irresponsible behavior.

First Aired: 01-09-2012
17. Leis and Lies in Lanai

Taylor copes with her troubled marriage in LA while the rest of the women fly to Hawaii for some fun in the sun. Kyle can't relax, though, when Kim misses her first -- and second -- flight.

First Aired: 01-02-2012
16. Uninvited

Kyle's annual white party might have a tighter guest list than usual, when the ladies ponder banning Taylor.

First Aired: 12-19-2011
15. A Book, a Bachelorette and a Breakdown

The ladies head to Vegas -- albeit separately -- for a wild weekend.

First Aired: 12-12-2011
14. Malibu Beach Party from Hell

Brandi Glanville tries to throw a nice party for the women at a Malibu beach house, but the tension between Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammar reaches a boiling point.

First Aired: 12-05-2011
13. Adrienne's Fashion Show

Adrienne hosts a fashion show -- bringing Taylor and Camille together for the first time since Lisa's tea party.

First Aired: 11-28-2011
12. The Great Divide

Taylor tries to move past the big fight at Kennedy's rodeo-themed birthday party.

First Aired: 11-21-2011
11. Tempest in a Tea Party

Lisa's elegant tea party is the unexpected setting for a heated confrontation and Taylor reveals her true feelings toward Lisa and the women finally discuss with Taylor the real issues behind her troubled marriage.

First Aired: 11-14-2011
10. Your Face or Mine?

Adrienne Maloof's husband Paul treats the ladies to a night of beauty, and gets to the root of Kim Richards' erratic behavior.

First Aired: 11-07-2011
9. Otherwise Engaged

Lisa VanderPump invites the other ladies to her daughter's engagement party.

First Aired: 10-31-2011
8. The Opposite of Relaxation

When Adrienne throws a spa day, things are anything but relaxing for Kim, Kyle, and Brandi.

First Aired: 10-24-2011
7. Game Night Gone Wild!

The ladies' innocent game night ends with a jaw-dropping fight, and while Kim and Kyle are on the same side for once, Brandi is left with no one in her corner. The tension continues when the ladies attend Camille’s charity luncheon.

First Aired: 10-17-2011
6. Let the Games Begin

Taylor's friend Dana hosts a game night but the attempt at light-hearted fun spirals seriously out of control when Kim suspiciously spends most of the night in the bathroom and Brandi makes some outrageous accusations as to why.

First Aired: 10-10-2011
5. $25,000 Sunglasses?!

The ladies get to know Brandi Glanville even better and some of them still aren't so fond of Adrienne Maloof's new friend.

First Aired: 10-03-2011
4. Gossip Girls

The ladies get to know a new Beverly Hills babe -- with connections to Lisa VanderPump's past.

First Aired: 09-26-2011
3. Rocky Mountain Highs and Lows

Adrienne debates moving her basketball team and brings Kim along for the dramatic decision.

First Aired: 09-19-2011
2. Blame It on the Altitude

The ladies head to Colorado for one last trip to Camille Grammer's Beaver Creek hideaway.

First Aired: 09-12-2011
1. Back to Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills bombshells are back for a second season of over the top glitz and glamour. The ladies attend a dinner party at Adrienne's home to celebrate Camille's guest-starring role on a sitcom.

First Aired: 09-05-2011
Season 1 17 full episodes
17. The Dinner Party from Hell - Producers Cut

Camille throws a glamorous dinner party at her Malibu home and, in addition to the housewives, she invites a few special guests. The guests, however, bring up a sore subject and sparks fly between all the women in an explosive showdown.

First Aired: 02-15-2011
16. The Lost Footage

Catch never-before-seen footage of the most talked about Housewives in 90210.

First Aired: 02-08-2011
15. Reunion (Part 2)

The season reunion picks up where it left off as the women confront each other and confront the viewers as they must answer tough questions.

First Aired: 02-01-2011
14. Reunion (Part 1)

The Beverly Hills ladies join Andy Cohen and answer some of America's most burning questions.

First Aired: 01-27-2011
13. Unforgivable

Taylor's birthday is coming up and everyone is excited. Kim and Kyle finally go to blows after years of pent up family frustration. Meanwhile, another bond is breaking as Camille gets word from her husband that he wants to end their marriage.

First Aired: 01-20-2011
12. Turn, Turn, Turn

Lisa VanderPump comforts Cedric about moving out, Kyle Richards prepares for her daughter's college graduation, and Camille Grammer's marriage falls apart.

First Aired: 01-13-2011
11. How to Behave

Lisa VanderPump and her husband Ken are at odds with Cedric and Camille Grammer invites the ladies over for a fun tennis tournament. Taylor Armstrong and her husband Russell don't seem happy at Kyle Richards' party for Mauricio.

First Aired: 01-06-2011
10. Payback's a Bitch... Just Ask Your Husband

Lisa holds a charity event at her restaurant and the ladies attend to show their support. Camille, however, is still dealing with the fallout. Taylor also holds a big event and it's the first time Camille and Kyle are face to face since the last blow-up.

First Aired: 12-23-2010
9. The Dinner Party from Hell

Camille throws a glamorous dinner party at her Malibu home and, in addition to the housewives, she invites a few special guests. The guests, however, bring up a sore subject and sparks fly between all the women in an explosive showdown.

First Aired: 12-16-2010
8. Charity Cases

Kyle Richards is in Napa, Kim Richards invites her date to her house, Lisa VanderPump gets hit on at the DMV, and Taylor Armstrong prepares for her charity event.

First Aired: 12-09-2010
7. My Mansion Is Bigger Than Your Mansion

Lisa VanderPump plays matchmaker and Taylor Armstrong questions her marriage.

First Aired: 12-02-2010
6. The Art of War

Still in New York, the women are all reeling over the past evening's meltdown and Kim continues to add fuel to the fire. It's the day of Kelsey's premiere and everyone’s nerves are fraught.

First Aired: 11-18-2010
5. I Would Never Say That

Tension mounts as Camille Grammer confronts Kyle Richards in New York!

First Aired: 11-11-2010
4. It's My Party and I'll Spend if I Want To

Taylor Armstrong and Kyle Richards throw typical Beverly Hills birthday parties for their daughters.

First Aired: 11-04-2010
3. Plenty of Baggage

The glam of Beverly Hills meets the glitz of Las Vegas. Camille's husband, Kelsey Grammer, is in New York rehearsing a Broadway play, so Camille relishes this weekend trip with the girls until she and Kyle start butting heads.

First Aired: 10-28-2010
2. Chocolate Louboutins

As Kim Richards and Kyle Richards enjoy Palm Springs, Camiller Grammer tries to get a project off the ground.

First Aired: 10-21-2010
1. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wealthiness

Adrienne Maloof invites all of the housewives to see the Sacramento Kings play the Los Angeles Lakers.

First Aired: 10-14-2010
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