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The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp is a western television series loosely based on the life of frontier marshal Wyatt Earp. The half-hour black-and-white program aired for 229 episodes on ABC from 1955 to 1961 and featured Hugh O'Brian in the title role.

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The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Full Episode Guide
Season 6 37 full episodes
37. The Outlaws Cry Murder (5)

First Aired: 06-27-1961
36. Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (4)

The long struggle for law and order in Arizona, which exploded in thirty seconds of deadly gunfire at the O.K. Corral, placed Wyatt Earp among the great Marshals of the Western Frontier. But that famous gunfight has been a matter of controversy ever since 1881. Witnesses from the outlaw element contradicted one another on so many vital points that no reputable historian has taken their version seriously. Marshal Wyatt Earp's story of the fight was told under oath and transcribed verbatim. This is Wyatt's testimony of what happened that bloody day in Tombstone . . .

First Aired: 06-21-1961
35. Just Before the Battle (3)

The famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral had its inception in the hold-up of a Sandy Bob Line Stage. After the death of Old Man Clanton, Marshal Earp thought he say a chance to split Clanton's outfit by tricking the outlaws into gunning each other down. Wyatt knew that if this failed there would have to be a fight to the finish between the John Law's of Tombstone and the Clanton outlaws.

First Aired: 06-13-1961
34. Wyatt's Brothers Join Up (2)

First Aired: 06-06-1961
33. Requiem for Old Man Clanton (1)

Marshal Wyatt Earp faced the hatred and gunfire of many men in the towns of Wichita, Dodge City and Tombstone . . . but none hated him more than did the Ten Percent Ring. They could neither buy him nor drive him out of Arizona by force . . .

First Aired: 05-30-1961
32. Hiding Behind a Star

First Aired: 05-23-1961
31. A Papa for Butch and Ginger

First Aired: 05-09-1961
30. The Law Must Be Fair

First Aired: 05-02-1961
29. Wyatt Earp's Baby

First Aired: 04-25-1961
28. The Shooting Starts

First Aired: 04-18-1961
27. Until Proven Guilty

First Aired: 04-11-1961
26. The Convict's Revenge

A young man just released from prison is determined to go straight. However, his efforts are being sabotaged by his girlfriend's brother, a no-account gambler who has massive gambling debts to a man who wants to collect.

First Aired: 04-04-1961
25. Wyatt Takes the Primrose Path

First Aired: 03-28-1961
24. Clanton and Cupid

First Aired: 03-21-1961
23. The Good Mule and the Bad Mule

First Aired: 03-14-1961
22. Apache Gold

First Aired: 03-07-1961
21. Doc Holliday Faces Death

First Aired: 02-28-1961
20. Casey and the Clowns

First Aired: 02-21-1961
19. Johnny Behan Falls in Love

First Aired: 02-14-1961
18. Loyalty

First Aired: 02-07-1961
17. Old Slanders Never Die

Marshal Wyatt Earp faced the hatred and gunfire of many men in the towns of Wichita, Dodge City and Tombstone . . . but none hated him more than did the Ten Percent Ring. They could neither buy him nor drive him out of Arizona by force . . .

First Aired: 01-31-1961
16. Terror on the Desert

First Aired: 01-24-1961
15. Horse Thief

First Aired: 01-10-1961
14. Billy Buckett, Inc.

First Aired: 01-03-1961
13. Winning Streak

First Aired: 12-27-1960
12. Miss Sadie

First Aired: 12-20-1960
11. Johnny Ringo's Girl

First Aired: 12-13-1960
10. The Too Perfect Crime

First Aired: 12-06-1960
9. He's My Brother

First Aired: 11-29-1960
8. The Fanatic

First Aired: 11-22-1960
7. Woman from Tucson

First Aired: 11-15-1960
6. Big Brother

First Aired: 11-01-1960
5. Study of a Crooked Sheriff

First Aired: 10-25-1960
4. Shoot to Kill

First Aired: 10-18-1960
3. Johnny Behind the Deuce

First Aired: 10-11-1960
2. The Doctor

First Aired: 10-04-1960
1. The Truth About Old Man Clanton

First Aired: 09-27-1960
Season 5 41 full episodes
41. Wyatt's Bitterest Enemy

Wyatt Earp had managed to stay alive in Wichita, Dodge City and Tombstone because he was more intelligent than the gunslingers, outlaws and hoodlums who hated him. But Old Man Clanton, who controlled Cochise County, Arizona, had never really worked at the job of killing him. To slay a John Law, even in Arizona Territory, was a last resort which sensible hoodlums shrank from. Marshal Earp, however, had become an intolerable menace to the Clantons and the Ten Percent Ring in Tucson. The time had come to kill Wyatt Earp and Clanton had no intention of failing.

First Aired: 06-07-1960
40. My Enemy - John Behan

First Aired: 05-31-1960
39. The Toughest Judge in Arizona

First Aired: 05-24-1960
38. The Confidence Man

First Aired: 05-17-1960
37. The Posse

First Aired: 05-10-1960
36. Roscoe Turns Detective

First Aired: 05-03-1960
35. The Court vs. Doc Holliday

First Aired: 04-26-1960
34. The Judge

First Aired: 04-19-1960
33. John Clum, Fighting Editor

First Aired: 04-12-1960
32. The Salvation of Emma Clanton

First Aired: 04-05-1960
31. Behan's Double Game

First Aired: 03-29-1960
30. His Life in His Hands

First Aired: 03-22-1960
29. China Mary

Like all the mining towns in the West, Tombstone was a magnet to men and women from all over the world. It had a large foreign population, a large segment of which was Chinese. Several hundred, most of whom did not speak English, were newly arrived from China. It was inevitable that such a large group might bring trouble to Wyatt Earp.

First Aired: 03-15-1960
28. The Buntline Special

First Aired: 03-08-1960
27. The Scout

First Aired: 03-01-1960
26. Don't Get Tough with a Sailor

First Aired: 02-23-1960
25. The Arizona Lottery

First Aired: 02-16-1960
24. The Case of Senor Huerto

First Aired: 02-09-1960
23. Silver Dollar

First Aired: 02-02-1960
22. Let's Hang Curly Bill

First Aired: 01-26-1960
21. Frontier Surgeon

First Aired: 01-19-1960
20. The Big Fight at Total Wreck

First Aired: 01-12-1960
19. A Murderer's Return

Every day the stagecoach rolled into Tombstone, bringing men from every corner of the world - from every kind of past. One such man was Dobie Jenner. His past had been a terrifying one, and it took a lot of maneuvering and quick thinking on Wyatt's part in order to keep Dobie alive to face his future.

First Aired: 01-05-1960
18. Wells Fargo Calling Marshall Earp

When Wells, Fargo called on Marshal Wyatt Earp to put an end to stage robberies on its Charleston-to-Benson line, the Company was putting Wyatt's reputation in peril. During the times when Wyatt rode shotgun for Wells, Fargo, no road agent had ever gotten away with a dime of money shipments. But this was Arizona Territory where robbing stages was a highly organized business. In this instance, Wyatt outlined a daring plan - the outcome of which no one could be sure.

First Aired: 12-29-1959
17. Get Shotgun Gibbs

First Aired: 12-22-1959
16. The Matchmaker

First Aired: 12-15-1959
15. The Clantons' Family Row

First Aired: 12-08-1959
14. The Paymaster

First Aired: 12-01-1959
13. The Noble Outlaws

First Aired: 11-24-1959
12. The Fugitive

First Aired: 11-17-1959
11. Wyatt Wins One

First Aired: 11-10-1959
10. The Ring of Death

First Aired: 11-03-1959
9. Behan Prods His Hand

First Aired: 10-27-1959
8. You Can't Fight City Hall

First Aired: 10-20-1959
7. The Perfidy of Shotgun Gibbs

First Aired: 10-13-1959
6. The Nugget and the Epitaph

First Aired: 10-06-1959
5. Lineup for Battle

First Aired: 09-29-1959
4. Wyatt's Decision

First Aired: 09-22-1959
3. Tombstone!

Wyatt Earp came to Tombstone as a land agent for the Earp Brothers, Inc. - voluntarily unarmed - and unwilling to heed the warnings of Doc Holliday, who maintained that Dodge City and its violence was mild in comparison to the lawless activities of Tombstone. Wyatt's encounters with Tombstone's silver miners and cowboys, and his narrow escapes from Death, bore out Doc's admonitions, and the revelation of Wyatt's true identity - while it temporarily saved him - only made him a better target for dangers to come.

First Aired: 09-15-1959
2. The Trail to Tombstone

First Aired: 09-08-1959
1. Dodge City - Hail and Farewell

First Aired: 09-01-1959
Season 4 37 full episodes
37. Arizona Comes to Dodge

First Aired: 05-26-1959
36. Kelley Was Irish

First Aired: 05-19-1959
35. Little Gray Home in the West

First Aired: 05-12-1959
34. Dodge is Civilized

First Aired: 05-05-1959
33. The Cyclone

First Aired: 04-28-1959
32. Love and Shotgun Gibbs

First Aired: 04-21-1959
31. The Actress

First Aired: 04-14-1959
30. Doc Fabrique's Greatest Case

First Aired: 04-07-1959
29. The Judas Goat

First Aired: 03-31-1959
28. How to be a Sheriff

First Aired: 03-24-1959
27. One Murder - Fifty Suspects

First Aired: 03-17-1959
26. Juveniles-1878

First Aired: 03-10-1959
25. Horse Race

First Aired: 03-03-1959
24. She Almost Married Wyatt

First Aired: 02-24-1959
23. The Truth About Rawhide Geraghty

First Aired: 02-17-1959
22. Bat Jumps the Reservation

First Aired: 02-10-1959
21. Earp Ain't Wearin' Guns

First Aired: 02-03-1959
20. The Muleskinner

First Aired: 01-27-1959
19. Last Stand at Smoky Hill

First Aired: 01-20-1959
18. Death for a Stolen Horse

First Aired: 01-13-1959
17. A Good Man

First Aired: 01-06-1959
16. The Reformation of Doc Holliday

First Aired: 12-30-1958
15. Little Brother

Wyatt's younger brother, Morgan Earp, visits Dodge City and is immediately involved with Doc Holliday in a scheme to rescue the outlaw Smiley Dunlap, who is being held prisoner by Greg Norton and his gang. Wyatt's task of saving Morgan and Doc from being killed is made harder by his desire to keep his little brother from knowing he had a hand in rescuing the rescuers.

First Aired: 12-23-1958
14. Kill the Editor

First Aired: 12-16-1958
13. Plague Carrier

First Aired: 12-09-1958
12. Santa Fe War

First Aired: 12-02-1958
11. Frontier Woman

First Aired: 11-25-1958
10. Truth About Gunfighting

First Aired: 11-18-1958
9. King of the Frontier

Again Wyatt Earp meets his friend Ned Buntline and Mr. Buntline has just published a book describing Wyatt as the King of the Frontier without realizing the embarrassment to which such stuff will subject Wyatt. Embarrassment it is when Wyatt is forced to enter a rodeo to prove that Mr. Buntline is no liar and the big feature is a ""shootout"" at two hundred yards, between Wyatt and his Buntline Special and an enemy with a Winchester.

First Aired: 11-11-1958
8. Remittance Man

First Aired: 11-04-1958
7. Cattle Thieves

First Aired: 10-28-1958
6. The Gatling Gun

First Aired: 10-21-1958
5. The Mysterious Cowhand

In his most energetic disguise, that of a cowhand, Wyatt Earp is after the murderer of a cousin and joins a cattle outfit coming up the Chisholm Trail. The Outfit is commanded by a devious tyrant who has unique punishments for those who offend him. Wyatt, suspecting him early, is put through a tough time.

First Aired: 10-14-1958
4. Caught by a Whisker

First Aired: 10-07-1958
3. The Bounty Killer

A mysterious killer has ambushed and killed nine people in the Robbers' Roost country of Utah. Wyatt's old Army friend, Colonel Benteen, begs him to take the case so that the cavalry may be saved in the event of an Apache attack. And before Wyatt is through he has to enlist the aid of every notorious outlaw in Robbers' Roost to get the mysterious killer and those behind him.

First Aired: 09-30-1958
2. The Peacemaker

First Aired: 09-23-1958
1. The Hole Up

First Aired: 09-16-1958
Season 3 39 full episodes
39. My Husband

First Aired: 06-10-1958
38. The Frame-Up

First Aired: 06-06-1958
37. Four

The last of the notorious Dry Gulchers, sought by Wyatt Earp, because he is one of a group which murdered his Indian friend, Mr. Brother, is hardest of the group to catch. He is protected by a father and daughter in a ranch deep in Texas. And the mixture of man and women against Wyatt proves almost his undoing. The death of Wyatt's Indian friend is avenged.

First Aired: 05-27-1958
36. Dig a Grave for Ben Thompson

First Aired: 05-20-1958
35. Three

When the notorious Dry Gulchers killed one of Wyatt Earp's Indian friends, Mr. Brother, they brought upon themselves Earp's relentless pursuit. Now two of the Dry Gulchers have been caught, the chase is well into Texas and Wyatt has enlisted the aid of the Texan Rangers as the third captive is sought.

First Aired: 05-13-1958
34. Doc Holliday Rewrites History

First Aired: 05-06-1958
33. Two

Wyatt Earp continues his search for the remaining three men (he has already bagged one) who killed his Indian friend, Mr. Brother. But this time Wyatt and Bat Masterson, in addition to chasing the Dry Gulchers, has to contend with a group of Cheyenne and a young Army lieutenant still damp behind the ears. But Wyatt bags number two of his query. Two down, two to go.

First Aired: 04-29-1958
32. The Underdog

First Aired: 04-22-1958
31. One

Wyatt Earp's two Indian friends, Mr. Cousin and Mr. Brother, have information about four notorious murderers, The Dry Gulchers, when they intercept the Indians and kill one of them. Earp swears he will run them into the ground and in ""One"" he starts and is successful in part of his quest.

First Aired: 04-15-1958
30. County Seat War

First Aired: 04-08-1958
29. It Had to Happen

First Aired: 04-01-1958
28. Big Brother Virgil

First Aired: 03-25-1958
26. The Schoolteacher

First Aired: 03-11-1958
25. Ballad and Truth

First Aired: 03-04-1958
24. Wyatt Fights

First Aired: 02-25-1958
23. Wyatt Earp Rides Shotgun

There have been repeated attacks on the Wells, Fargo coaches running from Hays, Kansas to Dodge City. To Wyatt Earp, an old and trusted former employee, comes the request that he again ride shotgun over the line and thus put renewed confidence in those who shipped money by Wells, Fargo. But the order only served to bring out the guilty verdicts in renewed force, for they were anxious to get Earp, their greatest enemy in the state.

First Aired: 02-18-1958
22. The Kansas Lily

First Aired: 02-11-1958
21. The Imitation Jesse James

First Aired: 02-04-1958
20. Sweet Revenge

In which Wyatt Earp is beset by two perils, a man and a woman both determined to kill him. Both arrive in Dodge simultaneously. The man, an ex-convict, awaits his opportunity, which arrives when Wyatt, very interested in the girl, takes her picknicking. After Wyatt disposes of the girl and her gun the man attacks him - making Wyatt's innocent picnic one of the most eventful Sunday afternoons any Marshal ever spent.

First Aired: 01-28-1958
19. The Manly Art

First Aired: 01-21-1958
18. The General's Lady

First Aired: 01-14-1958
17. One-Man Army

First Aired: 01-07-1958
16. Bad Woman

First Aired: 12-31-1957
15. Shadow of a Man

First Aired: 12-24-1957
14. Woman Trouble

First Aired: 12-17-1957
13. Indian Wife

First Aired: 12-10-1957
12. The Good and Perfect Gift

First Aired: 12-03-1957
11. Fortitude

First Aired: 11-26-1957
10. Mr. Buntline's Vacation

First Aired: 11-19-1957
9. The Magic Puddle

First Aired: 11-12-1957
8. Little Pistol

First Aired: 11-05-1957
7. Hung Jury

First Aired: 10-29-1957
6. Warpath

First Aired: 10-22-1957
5. Wells Fargo vs. Doc Holliday

First Aired: 10-15-1957
4. Shoot to Kill

First Aired: 10-08-1957
3. Pinkytown

First Aired: 10-01-1957
2. The Big Bellyache

First Aired: 09-24-1957
1. Call Me Your Honor

First Aired: 09-17-1957
Season 2 39 full episodes
39. The Time for All Good Men

Wyatt Earp's propensity for playing the lone hand gets him trapped by his hated enemies, the Big T outfit, at Adobe Springs. His enemies, who greatly outnumber him, seek to starve him out. But word that Wyatt is in a real jam is spread by a cowhand grateful for past favors, and soon wuch old friends and strange characters - each grateful in his own way - quietly assemble to rescue Wyatt in an all-time famous gun battle with the Big T. These characters include Bat Masterson, Ben Thompson, Doc Holliday, John Wesley Hardin, Mannen Clements and others.

First Aired: 06-04-1957
38. They Think They're Immortal

First Aired: 05-28-1957
37. The Wicked Widow

First Aired: 05-21-1957
36. The Gold Brick

First Aired: 05-14-1957
35. Dull Knife Strikes for Freedom

First Aired: 05-07-1957
34. Beautiful Friendship

First Aired: 04-30-1957
33. Wyatt Meets Doc Holliday

First Aired: 04-23-1957
32. The Equalizer

First Aired: 04-16-1957
31. Old Jake

First Aired: 04-09-1957
30. The Nice Ones Always Die First

First Aired: 04-02-1957
29. Young Guns

First Aired: 03-26-1957
28. The Vultures

First Aired: 03-19-1957
27. Hang 'Em High

First Aired: 03-12-1957
26. Bat Masterson for Sheriff

First Aired: 03-03-1957
25. They Hired Some Guns

First Aired: 02-26-1957
24. Command Performance

First Aired: 02-19-1957
23. Vengeance Trail

First Aired: 02-12-1957
22. Siege at Little Alamo

First Aired: 02-05-1957
21. The Sharpshooter

First Aired: 01-29-1957
20. Witness for the Defense

First Aired: 01-22-1957
19. Wyatt and the Captain

First Aired: 01-15-1957
18. The Man Who Rode With Custer

First Aired: 01-08-1957
17. Shootin' Woman

First Aired: 01-01-1957
16. Justice

First Aired: 12-25-1956
15. The Hanging Judge

First Aired: 12-18-1956
14. Nineteen Notches on His Gun

First Aired: 12-11-1956
13. Take Back Your Town

First Aired: 12-04-1956
12. The Lonesomest Man in the World

First Aired: 11-27-1956
11. Bat Masterson Wins His Star

First Aired: 11-20-1956
10. So Long, Dora, So Long

First Aired: 11-13-1956
9. The Reformation of Jim Kelley

First Aired: 10-30-1956
8. The Almost Dead Cowhand

First Aired: 10-20-1956
7. A Quiet Day in Dodge City

First Aired: 10-09-1956
6. Wyatt's Love Affair

First Aired: 10-02-1956
5. Clay Allison

First Aired: 09-25-1956
4. The Double Life of Dora Hand

First Aired: 09-18-1956
3. Fight or Run

First Aired: 09-11-1956
2. Dodge City Gets a New Marshal

First Aired: 09-04-1956
1. Wichita Is Civilized

First Aired: 08-18-1956
Season 1 33 full episodes
33. Bat Masterson Again

First Aired: 04-17-1956
32. The War of the Colonels

First Aired: 04-10-1956
31. Hunt the Man Down

First Aired: 04-03-1956
30. The Suffragette

First Aired: 03-27-1956
29. The Pinkertons

First Aired: 03-20-1956
28. One of Jesse's Gang

First Aired: 03-13-1956
27. The Necktie Party

First Aired: 03-06-1956
26. The Desperate Half-Hour

First Aired: 02-28-1956
25. The Englishman

First Aired: 02-21-1956
24. Killing at Cowskin Creek

First Aired: 02-14-1956
23. The Frontier Theatre

First Aired: 02-07-1956
22. The Bride

First Aired: 01-31-1956
21. Mr. Cousin and Mr. Brother

First Aired: 01-24-1956
20. It's a Wise Calf

First Aired: 01-17-1956
19. The Assassins

First Aired: 01-10-1956
18. Marshal Earp Plays Cupid

First Aired: 01-03-1956
17. Ben Thompson Returns

First Aired: 12-27-1955
16. The Buntline Special

First Aired: 12-20-1955
15. Rich Man's Son

First Aired: 12-13-1955
14. Trail's End for a Cowboy

First Aired: 12-06-1955
13. Frontier Journalism Was Fearless

First Aired: 11-29-1955
12. The Big Baby Contest

First Aired: 11-22-1955
11. King of the Cattle Trails

First Aired: 11-15-1955
10. The Bank Robbers

First Aired: 11-08-1955
9. John Wesley Hardin

First Aired: 11-01-1955
8. The Killer

First Aired: 10-25-1955
7. The Gambler

First Aired: 10-18-1955
6. The Man Who Lied

First Aired: 10-11-1955
5. Marshal Earp's Romance

First Aired: 10-04-1955
4. Marshal Earp Meets General Lee

First Aired: 09-27-1955
3. Bill Thompson Gives In

First Aired: 09-20-1955
2. Mr. Earp Meets a Lady

First Aired: 09-13-1955
1. Wyatt Earp Becomes A Marshal

Ellsworth, Kansas 1873. Young Wyatt arrives in town fresh from a buffalo hunt looking to clean up and find his friend Sheriff Whitney who has sent for him. Despite it's peaceful appearance, Ellsworth is an ornery little town in need of cleaning up. When his frind is shot, Wyatt feels he must take a stand.

First Aired: 09-06-1955
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