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Bear strands himself in popular wilderness destinations where tourists often find themselves lost or in danger.

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Man vs. Wild Full Episode Guide
Season 7 5 full episodes
5. Land of the Maori

Over 100 people drown each year in New Zealand, and Bear must cross a raging river on a tree trunk to head toward civilization. On his journey to safety he runs out of water, is forced to climb up active volcanic ranges and scale down a waterfall.

First Aired: 08-18-2011
4. Red Rock Country

Bear Grylls -- lasso in hand -- crosses a raging river and descends rock pinnacles in Utah.

First Aired: 08-11-2011
3. Iceland: Fire and Ice

Bear returns to Iceland to demonstrate the challenge of surviving its many pitfalls. His trek begins on an ice cap covering an active volcano, where food sources are scarce and travels down towards a civilization with swollen rivers between him and safety.

First Aired: 07-24-2011
2. New Zealand: South Island

This week Bear braves the remote wilderness of New Zealand's South Island, crossing the country's tallest mountains and attempting to start a fire with wood that is soaking wet.

First Aired: 07-17-2011
1. Men vs. Wild with Jake Gyllenhaal

Bear brings along a companion, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, to test how he measures up to unpredictable and unforgiving Mother Nature.

First Aired: 07-10-2011
Season 6 6 full episodes
6. Global Survival Guide

Bear Grylls travels the world to give you the best tips and techniques so you can survive wherever you're stranded. From skin diving without a mask in the tropics, to finding water in the desert, this is the best of Bear's never before seen footage.

First Aired: 03-24-2011
5. Malaysian Archipelago

Bear Grylls is dropped in an archipelago of islands off the coast of Borneo. Fighting dense jungle and scaling towering escarpments, Bear struggles to find freshwater. In his search for food, he tries to spear fish at depths of 20ft and traps a wild boar.

First Aired: 03-17-2011
4. Borneo Jungle

In Borneo, Bear heads directly into the wild jungles. Without a place to land his helicopter, he is forced to rappel into the treetops. As the heli peels away, Bear is 100 feet up in the canopy. After finding his way down to the jungle floor, Bear tackles raging waters, big mudslides and deep caves as he fights his way through this impenetrable place.

First Aired: 03-10-2011
3. Norway: Edge of Survival

Bear and his team are in Norway. Armed with the latest technology they'll be creating the harshest conditions possible while sensors monitor how Bear copes trying to survive in one of the world's most beautiful but wettest countries.

First Aired: 03-03-2011
2. Cape Wrath, Scotland

In Scotland off the rugged coast of Cape Wrath, Bear is dropped into open ocean. After getting ashore, he realises he's on an island and must swim to the mainland. Bear fashions a wetsuit from a seal's hide to withstand the frigid crossing. Well into the trek, he is forced to turn back as an incoming estuary tide nearly cuts him off. After he makes it to dry land, Bear has a close call with the steep treacherous Scottish rock terrain

First Aired: 02-24-2011
1. Arizona Sky Islands

In Arizona, Bear transforms into a one man high speed glider with a cutting edge wingsuit and flies into the Arizona Sky Islands. Bear shows viewers how to find water in the parched desert landscape, builds a sand-buggy from a wrecked aircraft and crosses heart-stopping rock drops.

First Aired: 02-17-2011
Season 5 6 full episodes
6. Extreme Desert

In the Mojave Desert Grylls puts himself in the path of a man-made sandstorm, takes on the full force of a man-made flash flood and HALO jump from 30,000 feet. His body is pushed to the limit as the temperature soars from minus 40 to 110 degrees.

First Aired: 09-02-2009
5. Fan vs. Wild

Grylls takes two fans into the Canadian wilderness for their ultimate survival challenge. They face their fears head on, trek down dangerous glaciers and across a frigid glacial river, build a rustic shelter, and try to swallow typical Grylls fare.

First Aired: 06-05-2009
4. Republic of Georgia

Grylls lands in the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains of the Georgian Republic by driving a snowmobile out the back of a hovering helicopter. He ziplines across a river, camps among wolves and trudges through swampy wetlands.

First Aired: 06-01-2009
3. Canadian Rockies

While in the Canadian Rockies, Grylls is buried alive in an avalanche, swims long distance beneath an ice-covered lake, and is airvac-ed to the hospital when an icy glissade goes horribly wrong.

First Aired: 06-01-2009
2. Northern Australia

In Australia's Northern Territory, Grylls must rely on many of the skills honed by the Aboriginal people to survive in this sweltering landscape dominated by crocodiles.

First Aired: 06-01-2009
1. Western Pacific

Grylls is on a desert island, south of Papua New Guinea. He wades across a shark-infested tidal channel, climbs crumbling volcanic cliffs, leaps over a 100-foot death drop, and constructs a bamboo windsurfer to make his escape.

First Aired: 06-01-2009
Season 4 11 full episodes
11. North Africa

Grylls crosses the Sahara desert to the North Africa coast, where he catches an octopus, fashions a shelter out of acacia trees and dines on moths and locusts.

First Aired: 02-17-2010
10. Urban Survivor

Grylls is in a post-disaster urban city scenario and he must survive. His thirst to live and survival techniques modified for a city environment keep him alive in a concrete wasteland in Gdynia, Poland.

First Aired: 02-03-2010
9. Guatemala

First Aired: 01-26-2010
8. Big Sky Country

Grylls takes on Big Sky Country. He paraglides above the Rockies, traverses vast gullies, and makes the most of abandoned debris before making his great escape on a moving train.

First Aired: 01-20-2010
7. China

First Aired: 01-13-2010
6. Panama

Grylls is on a deserted Panamanian island; he creates fresh water and chooses to use tribal fishing techniques before battling the sea on a makeshift raft. Later in the episode he gives himself an enema in order to stay hydrated on the open seas.

First Aired: 01-06-2010
5. Alaska

Grylls returns to the wilderness of Alaska to survive the dangerous terrain of the Last Frontier.

First Aired: 09-09-2009
4. Texas

In Western Texas, Grylls falls to earth from an upturned biplane into the parched Chihuahuan Desert; he traverses deep gorges, locates an oasis and takes on a diamond back rattlesnake.

First Aired: 09-02-2009
3. Vietnam

Grylls demonstrates what it was like for soldiers who had to survive in the jungles of Vietnam, during the Vietnam War.

First Aired: 08-26-2009
2. Alabama

Grylls wrestles a pig, squeezes through some tight spots, and survives a forest fire in the swamps of Alabama. It is revealed that Grylls broke his shoulder while in Antarctica two months previously.

First Aired: 08-19-2009
1. Arctic Circle

Grylls goes to the Arctic Circle, where he encounters a frozen waterfall, wild reindeer and some of the coldest conditions on the planet.

First Aired: 08-12-2009
Season 3 10 full episodes
10. Romania

Grylls heads to Romania where he takes on a bear and dangerous water channels.

First Aired: 02-15-2009
9. Turkey

Grylls heads to Turkey where he deals with dangerous animals and he also takes to the water.

First Aired: 02-08-2009
8. Dominican Republic

Grylls has some tips on how to survive the hurricane season and he also eats a cooked tarantula to survive. He tells us about the hairs on the tarantula's back legs and how they defend themselves using the hairs.

First Aired: 02-01-2009
7. Oregon

Grylls takes on the deepest river based canyon, Hell's Canyon and the dangerous Snake River.

First Aired: 01-25-2009
6. Yukon

Grylls wraps up warm as he heads to the frozen wastelands of North Canada. He goes underground to search an abandoned mine, and he takes to some fast moving water.

First Aired: 01-18-2009
5. Belize

Grylls heads to the jungle where he tackles a boa constrictor, he gets stuck over raging waters, and then he takes to the trees.

First Aired: 12-11-2008
4. South Dakota

Grylls is dropped on a granite peak in the Black Hills where he is caught in a thunder storm with inadequate shelter. Down in the plains Grylls encounters a herd of Bison before entering the desolate area known as the Badlands.

First Aired: 09-10-2008
3. Ireland

Grylls jumps from a boat a kilometre off the west coast of Ireland. He travels down the coast before turning inland to cross the bogs. Here he retrieves a sheep carcass from a bog whose skin he uses as a sleeping bag (sheeping bag), a waterproof sack, and a flotation device.

First Aired: 09-03-2008
2. The Deep South

Grylls enters the swamps of Louisiana where he kills an alligator with a knife, and catches a catfish with his bare hands

First Aired: 08-27-2008
1. Baja Desert

Grylls must cross blistering desert and barren salt plains in Mexico's Baja peninsula. While collecting honey Grylls is stung by a bee and his face becomes severely swollen, nearly blinding him.

First Aired: 08-06-2008
Season 2 13 full episodes
13. Land of Ice (2)

Grylls is in Siberia, learning survival techniques from the Tuvans and, eating raw yak liver as well as drinking its blood for food.

First Aired: 06-05-2008
12. Siberia (1)

With temperatures dipping to -50°C, Grylls has to keep warm before hypothermia sets in. He uses snares to catch his food, and a fire to keep warm. He puts up a scenario for the great dangers to walk over a frozen lake, and how to survive without drowning and/or before hypothermia sets in.

First Aired: 05-29-2008
11. Castaway (2)

Bear Grylls spends a week showing how to survive the challenges of the Pacific Ring of Fire. He is dropped into petrified swamps devastated by the 2004 Tsunami and has to navigate his way out.

First Aired: 05-22-2008
10. Jungle Swamp (1)

Grylls battles the fierce swamps in Sumatra, Indonesia. As he struggles to keep dry and avoid trench foot, he runs into several types of wildlife, including lizards and the deadly mangrove snake.

First Aired: 05-15-2008
9. Namibia

Grylls parachutes into the heart of the Namib desert. He eats a puff adder and encounters the indigenous bushmen.

First Aired: 05-09-2008
8. Zambia

Bear Grylls ventures into the landlocked country of Zambia in Southern Africa. Before heading into the bush, he shows you how to survive some of the world's biggest rapids.

First Aired: 05-01-2008
7. Bear Eats

In this special film Bear Grylls takes us to nature's kitchen. It seems nothing--except maybe the fat of on a camel's hump--is beyond Bear Grylls.

First Aired: 12-20-2007
6. Andes Adventure (2)

In Patagonia, Grylls skins a hare, scales a cliff, tracks a puma, drinks dirty water, and crosses the Perito Moreno glacier, a vast frozen labyrinth of ice caves and crevasses.

First Aired: 12-13-2007
5. Patagonia (1)

Grylls parachutes into Patagonia, the southernmost tip of South America, where he first encounters a vast ice field, then forages in a beech forest, wades through a frozen bog and swims through icy water.

First Aired: 12-06-2007
4. Jungle (2)

Survival techniques for Panama's mangrove swamps and jungle.

First Aired: 11-29-2007
3. Panama (1)

Grylls travels to Panama, where he travels in the equatorial heat through mangrove swamps and rain forest, and endures more than 100 mosquito bites and one painful snake bite.

First Aired: 11-22-2007
2. Desert Survivor

In the desert, Grylls offers tips on skinning and disemboweling a dead camel for water.

First Aired: 11-15-2007
1. Sahara

In the sun-scorched Sahara Desert, Grylls uses survival tactics of the indigenous people, including eating a scorpion and a sandfish. He also explains how to escape from quicksand.

First Aired: 11-08-2007
Season 1 15 full episodes
15. Scotland

Grylls shows how to navigate the Cairngorms region in extreme weather using ice formations and moss growth, and how to test snow slopes for avalanche potential. He uses moss to purify water and skins a red deer for shelter. For food, he traps a rabbit and cooks it to demonstrate how to prepare it. Grylls also crosses deep marshes and uses fallen trees to cross ravines.

First Aired: 07-20-2007
14. Ecuador

Grylls paraglides onto the edge of the Andes and follows rivers into the Ecuadorian jungle, is attacked by huge colonies of spear-nosed bats[disambiguation needed], and observes giant weevil grubs and piranhas. He builds a bamboo bridge and a bow and arrow to successfully catch fish, but it doesn't always go his way and he's forced to ride the rapids of the Amazon on a single tree trunk.

First Aired: 07-13-2007
13. Kimberly, Australia

In the Kimberley region of Australia, an area with a mixture of huge scrub deserts, dry riverbeds and red sandstone cliffs full of deep gorges, Grylls faces extreme heat, poisonous snakes and the ever present danger of dehydration. Survival tips include how to forage for food (bush tucker), build a shelter and how to prevent sunstroke. He explains why he believes drinking ones own urine can prevent death from dehydration. During his journey, Grylls observes saltwater crocodiles and endures a lightning storm.

First Aired: 07-06-2007
12. Mexico

In Mexico, Grylls must find his way out of Copper Canyon, and his only supplies are a water bottle, a flint and a knife. He demonstrates how to build a simple compass and climb sheer cliffs safely. For shelter, he uses ancient caves and makes fire with a traditional "fire saw." Grylls also demonstrates techniques for finding scorpions or grubs and fishing without a rod or line.

First Aired: 06-29-2007
11. Iceland

Grylls parachutes into the extreme landscape of Iceland, the site of vicious blizzard, 50 mph (80 km/h) winds, icy glacial waters, boiling hot mud and volcanic springs. He demonstrates how to make a snow cave, find water in volcanic underground tunnels and avoid frostbite. To find food in this subarctic environment, Grylls scavenges a sheep for its eyeballs and mutton fat, and catches a ptarmigan. He demonstrates with his shoelaces the boiling of the eyeballs and mutton in the geysers, to save digestion energy and disinfect the scavenged food.

First Aired: 06-22-2007
10. Everglades

Grylls drops into the swamps of Florida's Everglades, where at least 60 tourists need to be rescued each year. He trudges through the swamp and shows how to construct shelter, deal with razor-sharp sawgrass, get out of a muddy sinkhole and avoid alligators and rattlesnakes. He eats frogs and cooks a turtle Seminole-style.

First Aired: 06-15-2007
9. Deserted Island

Grylls is kicked out by helicopter into the water near a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean. He demonstrates long distance swimming, shelter building and coconut harvesting. Grylls builds a bamboo raft to look for ships, and is surrounded by tiger sharks. He fishes off his raft using a fish bone hook, and shows how to signal a ship using the reflection produced by his polished knife.

First Aired: 12-29-2006
8. European Alps

Grylls parachutes into the French Alps with a knife, a canteen, a cup and a flint, taking the parachute with him. He demonstrates how to survive falling into a frozen lake, how to build a snow shelter, and how to use a self arresting device to stop from plummeting into a crevasse. He also eats maggots and uses them to catch a trout. He performs a Tyrolean traverse and makes himself a pair of snow shoes out of young trees and parachute lines.

First Aired: 12-22-2006
7. African Savanna – Kenya

Grylls parachutes into the Sierra Nevadas, simulating the situation of the hundreds of hikers who become stranded there each year. Equipped with a knife and a canteen, Grylls travels through the alpine, woodland and chaparral areas of the mountains. He unsuccessfully tries to tame a wild horse, and eats a live snake. Using techniques gleaned from the Mono Indians, he brushes his teeth with a manzanita leaf. Most of the ground he covers is traversed by river, using a raft held together by grape vine.

First Aired: 12-14-2006
6. Sierra Nevada

Grylls parachutes into the Sierra Nevadas, simulating the situation of the hundreds of hikers who become stranded there each year. Equipped with a knife and a canteen, Grylls travels through the alpine, woodland and chaparral areas of the mountains. He unsuccessfully tries to tame a wild horse, and eats a live snake. Using techniques gleaned from the Mono Indians, he brushes his teeth with a manzanita leaf. Most of the ground he covers is traversed by river, using a raft held together by grape vine.

First Aired: 12-08-2006
5. Hawaii – Mount Kilauea

Grylls is dropped by helicopter at the top of Mount Kilauea. Made up of an expanse of solidified lava which stretches for 33,000 acres, this environment is one of the world's most inhospitable. He first traverses lava fields, which catch his boots on fire, then heads into the jungles of Hawaii. Grylls uses a kukui nut torch to explore a lava tube and finds water, then uses smoke to placate a bee hive to get honey. Ultimately, he finds the sea (and people) by following seabirds.

First Aired: 11-30-2006
4. Alaskan Mountain Range

Grylls is dropped in the Chugach Mountains in Alaska, with skis and his usual gear. He demonstrates Glissading as he traverses snow and glaciers, and climbs down a 200ft (61m) waterfall. He catches a salmon, which he eats raw, and finds a skiff from an abandoned lodge. The skiff sinks, but he reaches the shore and is spotted by a ship.

First Aired: 11-24-2006
3. Costa Rican Rain Forest

Grylls parachutes into a Costa Rican rainforest in the Osa Peninsula, with only his knife and a canteen. He's careful about the water he drinks, but gets violently ill anyway. He climbs down a waterfall using a vine, and floats down a river to the ocean on a raft he crafts out of balsawood to demonstrate how someone lost in the jungle can make it to civilization. He encounters snakes, mosquitoes and dangerous river swamps.

First Aired: 11-17-2006
2. Moab Desert

Bear Grylls is dropped by a helicopter into the Moab Desert in Utah in almost 45 degree temperatures, with nothing but a knife, a canteen, and a flint. He battles dehydration by soaking his t-shirt in urine, and eats two raven eggs, one raw. Lastly, he demonstrates how to escape from quicksand before swimming across the Colorado River. He also explains how to use the flow of rivers as tools to find civilization.

First Aired: 11-08-2006
1. The Rockies

Host Bear Grylls parachutes alone into a remote area of the Rocky Mountains equipped with only the clothes on his back.

First Aired: 10-27-2006
Season 0 11 full episodes
11. Working in the Wild

Bear Grylls takes the viewer behind the scenes to meet the crew that follow his every step through the world’s wildest environments.

First Aired: 08-25-2011
10. Behind the Wild

Meet the folks who film Bear Grylls and find out how they stay in one piece!

First Aired: 09-20-2010
9. Top Man Moments

Bear Grylls counts down his most memorable moments from Man vs. Wild.

First Aired: 06-19-2010
8. Shooting Survival

Meet Bear's stalwart crew and follow along as they go to extremes to fearlessly film Bear.

First Aired: 02-09-2010
7. The Inside Story

The Man vs. Wild crew who follow Grylls on his travels across the globe, tell how it feels to follow in his footsteps and reveal just how they make Man vs. Wild.

First Aired: 09-18-2009
6. Bear's Ultimate Survival Guide Special Part 2

In his ultimate survival guide Grylls takes on dangerous snakes, fishes for catfish using his finger as bait and joins tribes who survive in the worlds toughest terrains, eats raw goats testicles in the Sahara, and hunts porcupines.

First Aired: 09-15-2009
5. Arctic Tundra

This episode features Will Ferrell in a special titled Men vs. Wild, where Ferrell tags along with Grylls as they journey through the frozen wilderness of Sweden. The episode is a tie-in to help promote Ferrell's new movie, Land of the Lost.

First Aired: 06-01-2009
4. Bear's Ultimate Survival Guide Special Part 1

Grylls offers tips for surviving in some of the world's most unforgiving places.

First Aired: 02-22-2009
3. Bear's Essentials

A clip-show from previous Man vs Wild episodes highlighting important survival techniques.

First Aired: 09-16-2008
2. Bear's Mission Everest

In this special, Bear attempts his most daring mission to date when he tries to fly a paramotor glider over the world's highest mountain.

First Aired: 11-08-2007
1. Never Before Seen

Bear gets up close and personal with sharks in the Pacific, where he also must deal with rip currents and pounding surf.

First Aired: 07-20-2007
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