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When the fate of their world, Ninjago, is challenged by great threats, it's up to the ninja: Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Lloyd and Nya to save the world.

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LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Full Episode Guide
Season 11 30 full episodes
Episode 30

First Aired: 11-02-2019
Episode 29

First Aired: 10-26-2019
Episode 28

First Aired: 10-19-2019
Episode 27

First Aired: 10-12-2019
Episode 26

First Aired: 10-05-2019
Episode 25

First Aired: 09-28-2019
Episode 24

First Aired: 09-21-2019
Episode 23

First Aired: 09-21-2019
Episode 22

First Aired: 09-14-2019
Episode 21

First Aired: 09-14-2019
Episode 20

First Aired: 09-07-2019
Episode 19

First Aired: 09-07-2019
Episode 18

First Aired: 08-24-2019
Episode 17

First Aired: 08-24-2019
Episode 16

First Aired: 08-17-2019
30. A Cold Goodbye

First Aired: 08-10-2019
29. Vengeance is Mine!

First Aired: 08-03-2019
28. The Explorers Club

First Aired: 08-03-2019
27. Under Siege

First Aired: 07-27-2019
26. Never Trust a Human

First Aired: 07-27-2019
25. Ancient History

First Aired: 07-20-2019
24. Powerless

First Aired: 07-20-2019
23. Snaketastrophy

First Aired: 07-13-2019
22. Ninja vs Lava

First Aired: 07-13-2019
21. The News Never Sleeps

First Aired: 07-06-2019
20. Boobytraps and How to Survive Them

The Ninja persuade Clutch Powers to enter the Ancient Pyramid with them and they survive many booby traps along the way. However, they accidentally release Aspheera from her tomb, and she brings the Pyro Vipers to life and entombs the Ninja. She then leads her forces towards Ninjago City.

First Aired: 07-06-2019
19. The Belly of The Beast

To repair the Land-Bounty, the Ninja must retrieve a critical engine component that has been swallowed by the giant beetle. Zane decides to get swallowed himself, and once he has found the component, the Ninja pull him back up with a rope. Then, they fix the Land-Bounty and escape the beetle.

First Aired: 06-29-2019
18. A Rocky Start

The Ninja set off for their quest in the Desert of Doom, but on the way are attacked by an ancient giant scarab beetle. Eventually, they manage to escape it but are stranded in the middle of the desert.

First Aired: 06-29-2019
17. Questing For Quests

Realizing they have gone soft, the Ninja search for a quest to reignite their Spinjitzu training and try to cooperate with the police in fighting crime; unfortunately, Ninjago City is enjoying a period of rare tranquility. Having given up hope, the Ninja learn of Clutch Powers' recent discovery and decide to go exploring with him.

First Aired: 06-22-2019
16. Wasted True Potential

In the wake of the previous season’s victory, the Ninja have gone soft and Master Wu tries to get them back to shape through intense preparation.

First Aired: 06-22-2019
Season 10 4 full episodes
4. Endings

First Aired: 02-09-2019
3. The Fall

First Aired: 02-02-2019
2. Into the Breach

First Aired: 01-26-2019
1. The Darkness Comes

First Aired: 01-19-2019
Season 9 10 full episodes
Episode 10

First Aired: 09-14-2018
Episode 9

First Aired: 09-13-2018
Episode 8

First Aired: 09-12-2018
Episode 7

First Aired: 09-11-2018
Episode 6

First Aired: 09-10-2018
Episode 5

First Aired: 09-07-2018
Episode 4

First Aired: 09-06-2018
Episode 3

First Aired: 09-05-2018
Episode 2

First Aired: 09-04-2018
Episode 1

First Aired: 09-03-2018
Season 8 10 full episodes
10. Big Trouble, Little Ninjago

First Aired: 03-23-2018
9. True Potential

First Aired: 03-16-2018
8. Dead on Arrival

First Aired: 03-09-2018
7. Game of Masks

First Aired: 03-02-2018
6. The Quiet One

First Aired: 02-23-2018
5. Dead Man's Squall

First Aired: 05-11-2018
4. Snake Jaguar

First Aired: 02-09-2018
3. The Oni and the Dragon

First Aired: 02-02-2018
2. The Jade Princess

First Aired: 01-26-2018
1. The Mask of Deception

This is the first episode of the season.

First Aired: 01-19-2018
Season 7 10 full episodes
Episode 10

First Aired: 04-28-2017
Episode 9

First Aired: 04-27-2017
Episode 8

First Aired: 04-26-2017
Episode 7

First Aired: 04-25-2017
Episode 6

First Aired: 04-24-2017
Episode 5

First Aired: 04-21-2017
Episode 4

First Aired: 04-20-2017
Episode 3

First Aired: 04-19-2017
Episode 2

First Aired: 04-18-2017
Episode 1

First Aired: 04-18-2017
Season 6 10 full episodes
10. The Way Back

When the Marriage takes place, Nadakhan has been given the power of infinite wishes. The crew realizes that Nadakhan is only wanting his power all for himself so Clancee tells Jay where the Tiger Widow Venom is. Nadakhan banishes most of the Sky Pirates, but Dogshank and Flintlocke escape and decide to unite with the Ninja against Nadakhan. Jay gives the venom dart to Flintlocke while the Ninja confront Nadakhan and Nya, who has become a reincarnation of Nadakhan's true lover, Dilara. The Ninja attempt to get Nadakhan out in the open so he'll be exposed to Flintlocke's dart, and eventually they succeed in doing so. The dart hits Nadakhan but hits Nya as well and being the most deadliest venom, It kills her so Jay uses his final wish to make sure that no one finds the teapot of tyran, which eliminates the entire events of Skybound.

First Aired: 07-15-2016
9. Operation Land Ho!

When Jay is back in Ninjago City, he starts to gather allies: Captain Soto, Skylor, the Police Commissioner, Ronin, Echo Zane and Darreth. They make a plan called Operation Land Ho, but when Bucko and Squiffy have been hearing what they said, they report back to Nadakhan, warning him about Jay and the others. Nya convinces Nadakhan to drop his sword, allowing Jay to grab it and enter the Djinn Blade to rescue Sensei Wu, Misako and the other Ninja.

First Aired: 07-15-2016
8. The Last Resort

With only Nya and Jay remaining, they set off to the lighthouse, where they think that Nadakhan won't find the two there. But, when Nadakhan forced Clancee to wish where they were, he finds that he has sailed enough oceans for that to be the Red Kelp of the West Apasso Current. After meeting Echo Zane, the two decide to spruce the place up, having traps set up, weapons etc., and wait for night. However, Echo spotted the Sky Pirates approaching. During their previous discussion for Jay's last wish, Nya tells him he has to wish for Nadakhan not to be a djinn. A massive fight scene goes on, with most of the Traveller's Tea gone. When they found it in an isolated place, Jay and Nya try to talk it out about who goes to the portal, since it was only big enough for one. Nya tells Jay that she also saw her future: the first time she met Jay. She then continues, saying that Jay has the last wish, and she throws him in the portal. Nya fights alone against the pirates, but fails, and is eventually captured.

First Aired: 07-14-2016
7. Wishmasters

The last remaining Ninja dare to infiltrate the Sky Pirates in an attempt to save Jay and defeat Nadakhan once and for all, using movie magic. Kevin and Dan suggest that the 3 ninja disguise themselves as Sky Pirates to sneak the poison on Misfortune's Keep, and pass undetected by speaking pirate dialect, apart from Lloyd, who seems to be horrible at talking pirate. They start building a Raid Zeppelin, the blueprint Jay wrote his message on. Once learning pirate talk and disguises as pirates, the ninja set off to the re-constructing Djinjago. Cole climbs onboard, nearly dropping the venom. He secretly walks across the deck, using his disappearing skills. When Cole got to the drinks section, Jay comes out with a vengestone ball and chain, wearing his eyepatch from the Scrap 'n' Tap. Jay asks why Cole's dressed like a pirate, but avoids it. Jay then apologises for not telling the truth earlier, and Cole apologises for not being a better friend. Nadakhan comes in to find out that the prisoner escaped, and attempts to find him. As he exits, Jay and Cole get this chance to get out, leaving the venom behind. When the two use Airjitzu to climb on their built Raid Zeppelin, they've been put as prisoners, along with Lloyd and Nya. After that, Nya was invited by Nadakhan to have sweet food, but Nya declines, saying she wasn't 'much of a sweet tooth'. The djinn says that if she marries him, he'll get infinite wishes. Nya then says that if he frees her friends, she'll think about it. However, things get a bit hectic when wishes were fired everywhere, like Lloyd being wise like Wu, Nya wasting two of her wishes, and Cole wishing that Nadakhan didn't have the sword. Soon enough, Lloyd sent Jay and Nya tumbling off the clouds, making them the only ninja left. Also, Cole and Lloyd were sucked inside the Djinn Blade.

First Aired: 07-13-2016
6. My Dinner with Nadakhan

Held captive on Misfortune's Keep, Jay is tested as Nadakhan does everything in his power to break the ninja's will to say his final wish. Meanwhile, Lloyd, Nya and Cole are stuck on Tiger Widow Island, with no way to get off, so they decided to build a raft to get off. Back on Misfortune's Keep, Jay has dinner with Nadakhan, telling the Lightning Ninja that if a Djinn Prince marries on Djinn Land, the prince will get infinite wishes. Jay tries telling Flintlocke, but Nadakhan thinks he is telling fibs, and the first-mate believes him, so they decided to put Jay in a dangerous game: Scrap 'n' Tap. The winner gets to tap out. Nadakhan kept convincing Jay to 'wish it all away', but since he's clever, Jay stays in the game, although losing to two members of the crew. After the game, Jay is locked in a hole, having a bruised eye. Clancee, being the kind-hearted one, gives the ninja some food (to which he declines) and an eyepatch to make the pirate look. Jay then realises that part of his future was coming together. Then Flintlocke comes in and gives Jay the key, since his speech made him realise something. After escaping, Jay walks into Nadakhan's room, to find the Djinn Blade, only to find out it was fake. Also, the Sky Pirates were behind Jay, making this all a plan! The Police Commissioner, the two detectives and Ronin save Nya, Lloyd and Cole from Tiger Widow Island. The commissioner then says he was wrong to distrust the ninja; Ronin then tells the three that Jay sent a message, and set off to save him.

First Aired: 07-12-2016
5. On a Wish and a Prayer

The other Ninja travel by boat to a dangerous Island but during the journey there is a Lightning Storm and Zane goes below deck and finds Nadakhan, who tricks Zane into wishing himself away. When the Ninja arrive, they wondered how Jay got a mansion and a stylish boat, so when Cole tells that he saw Nadakhan, the Ninja make Jay retrieve the Tiger Widow Venom, but when Nadakhan finds out that the Ninja are getting the only thing that can stop him, he ambushes the Ninja, but when Jay successfully gets the venom, Nadakhan teleported to Jay and emptied the canister with the venom. With it being the last one, they don't have another chance to get another dose of the venom and Nadakhan captures Jay, but Nya reveals that Nadakhan emptied the wrong canister, giving the Ninja another chance at stopping Nadakhan.

First Aired: 07-11-2016
4. Misfortune Rising

The Ninja are undercover in the Police Station. Nadakhan visits Jay, making him use his wishes and he finds out that he was adopted. The Sky Pirates attack the city and the Ninja try to stop them. Kai gets captured by Nadakhan, while the rest of the Ninja get the Lantern. Land gets stolen by the Sky Pirates to rebuild Djinjago.

First Aired: 06-30-2016
3. Enkrypted

The Ninja get 'special treatment' at the Kryptarium Prison, and the Mechanic wants to use Zane for spare parts. Nadakhan brings his crew back from other realms: Flintlocke, Clancee, Doubloon, Monkey Wretch and Dogshank. The Ninja start a food fight and befriend Soto, the captain who trapped Nadakhan into the Teapot of Tyrahn and told the Ninja how to stop Nadakhan: Tiger Widow venom, and bust themselves and Soto out of Kryptarium. Nadakhan visits the Djinjago realm and finds out that when the Ninja destroyed the Cursed Realm, this realm started to collapse. He promised to avenge the people of his Realm. The Ninja find out that the map is in a lantern aboard the Misfortune's Keep.

First Aired: 06-23-2016
2. Public Enemy Number One

The Ninja are declared to be the Public Enemy Number One after being framed for crimes they did not commit. Ronin offers to capture the ninja in exchange for a 'clean slate', meaning all off the crimes he committed, will be undone. Meanwhile, Misako is captured by Nadakhan. The ninja devise a plan to separate into pairs so that they can't all be arrested. Ronin hacks into Zane's system and shuts him down, then captures Lloyd. After Kai and Nya find out what happened to Zane and Lloyd, Ronin comes after them and tricks them into being captured. Jay and Cole go to Mega Monster Amusement Park and chases around them around the park and finally captures them. The ninja are then brought into custody. Nadakhan steals the realm crystal from Cyrus Borg's labrynth. The ninja are shipped it off to Kryptarium Prison.

First Aired: 06-19-2016
1. Infamous

Following the destruction of the Cursed Realm and the ultimate death of all its prisoners, the Ninja have found sudden fame for their roles and actions. Yet, in the midst of their newfound popularity, a new threat is posed when a survivor of the Cursed Realm's destruction, Clouse, loiters in Ninjago to wreak further havoc. The Ninja attempt to stop him, but they are ultimately subdued and unable to do so. Clouse heads to Stiix, where he finds the ancient Teapot of Tyrahn, which contains a deceptive Djinn named Nadakhan who imprisons Clouse in the teapot following his release. As the Ninja arrive in Stiix, they discover they have been framed for a series of crimes and are pursued by the city's inhabitants. In the meantime, Nadakhan finds out what has happened to his crew of Sky Pirates, and eventually captures Sensei Wu after accidentally being summoned by him.

First Aired: 06-09-2016
Season 5 10 full episodes
10. Curse World- Part II

As the ghosts converge around and mobilize the Preeminent into a hulking giant behemoth, the Ninja use Airjitzu to fight the mobile beast in an attempt to slow it down - while, at the same time, Lloyd faces off with Moro, battling over the Realm Crystal; a fight that takes them in and out of different realms.

First Aired: 07-10-2015
9. Curse World- Part I

When Moro uses the Realm Crystal to open a portal to the Cursed Realm, ghosts take over the town - but the Ninja, in disguise, manage to get Lloyd to the center of the town and Lloyd steals the crystal...only to discover it's too late as the Preeminent arrives.

First Aired: 07-09-2015
8. Grave Danger

The Ninja use Ronan's airship to travel to the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master in an underwater cave under the ocean, only to find out Moro is already there - and the Ninja must traverse the temple traps without the aid of the Sword of Sanctuary in a desperate attempt to get to the tomb first.

First Aired: 07-08-2015
7. The Crooked Path

The Ninja now have all the items they need to get to the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master but before they can figure out the last riddle that leads to the location of the tomb, Ronan steals the sword to give to Moro in exchange for his soul, and the Ninja and Nya are unable to stop him.

First Aired: 07-07-2015
6. Kingdom Come

In Cloud Kingdom, a realm where destinies are written, the Ninja must get the Sword of Sanctuary, a powerful relic that can see past the traps surrounding the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master - but tensions are high as Moro's escape from the Cursed Realm has put the future in chaos, and they won't give the Sword to the Ninja unless the Master Writer meets them personally.

First Aired: 07-06-2015
5. Peak-a-Boo

First Aired: 07-03-2015
4. The Temple on Haunted Hill

The Ninja hear of another way to learn Airjitzu - from the ghost of Sensei Yang at his haunted temple - but there's a warning; if you are trapped in it by sunrise, you will become a ghost, too. Meanwhile, doubting she's a Water Ninja, Nya quits her training to take Ronan to her Samurai X cave...but has a run in with Moro.

First Aired: 07-02-2015
3. Stiix & Stones

When Moro gives chase to the Bounty and steals Wu's staff, Wu shares the story of Moro: the boy who wanted to be the Green Ninja - and the Ninja discover Wu's staff contained 3 symbols that lead to the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master which holds a mysterious relic that could alter the course of Ninjago.

First Aired: 07-01-2015
2. Ghost Story

When Moro gives chase to the Bounty and steals Wu's staff, Wu shares the story of Moro: the boy who wanted to be the Green Ninja - and the Ninja discover Wu's staff contained 3 symbols that lead to the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master which holds a mysterious relic that could alter the course of Ninjago.

First Aired: 06-30-2015
1. Winds of Change

Kai promises to watch over Lloyd when Lloyd fears the loss of his father will make the path ahead uncertain - but when Wu sends them out on an errand for his new Tea Farm, Lloyd goes on a solo mission...only to discover it's a trap from a GHOST who's escaped the Cursed Realm.

First Aired: 06-29-2015
Season 4 10 full episodes
10. The Corridor of Elders

The ninja and fighters discover there's a strategic location called the Corridor of Elders where they can make their last stand against Chen's Anacondrai army... but even with new Destiny Bounty, their forces still aren't strong enough. Fortunately, Pythor escapes Chen's clutches and discovers there is one spell in the Book of Magic that could stop the war, but at a a serious cost.

First Aired: 04-03-2015
9. The Greatest Fear of All

The ninja reunite with Wu and turn to the aid of a shrunken Pythor in order to figure out how to defeat the unstoppable Anacondrai - but before they can get answers, Pythor is abducted by the Anacondrai and Chen uses his essence to make his worshippers' transformation into Anacondrai permanent.

First Aired: 04-02-2015
8. The Day of the Dragon

Chen has failed to bring the return of the Serpentine War but Clouse revels that there is another way - his daughter has the ability to absorb the power of every fighter she comes across, so she can complete the ceremony. Skylor finally sees her father for who he truly is and manages to send an SOS to the ninja.

First Aired: 04-01-2015
7. The Forgotten Element

After stealing the remaining contestant's powers, Chen only needs Lloyd's power to complete the spell. Knowing his daughter has feelings for Kai, Chen tries to enlist the Fire Ninja by promising to share secrets about his parents. All the while, Lloyd tries to rescue the ninja, pitting him in a showdown with Chen.

First Aired: 03-31-2015
6. Spellbound

Nya has proof of Chen's plan, but he convinces the contestants to hunt her down with promises to advance the winner, forcing the ninja into a race to get to her first. Lloyd discovers Chen's plan to steal everyone's power so that he can complete a spell and turn his worshipers into Anacondrrai and bring the return of the Serpentine War.

First Aired: 03-30-2015
5. Spy For a Spy

The ninja have a secret alliance of elemental fighters, Cole has found Zane, and Nya is a spy within Chen's Kabuki to figure out what nefarious plot Chen is up to. But Chen upends the alliance by promising the all-powerful Staff of Elements to the victor, and reveals that he too has a spy in the tournament.

First Aired: 03-23-2015
4. Ninja Roll

Chen pits everyone against each other in a ludicrous roller skating event called Thunderblade. When all contestants team up against the ninja, the ninja share inside information on Chen to get help from a new alliance in order for Lloyd to move on in the tournament.

First Aired: 03-16-2015
3. Versus

In order to find Zane, the ninja stay in the tournament to get past the first round but Chen complicates things by changing the bracket and pitting Jay against Cole.

First Aired: 03-09-2015
2. Only One Can Remain

On the island, Lloyd learns that his father used to train under the deceitful Master Chen and when the Ninja meet the playfully deceitful ruler, they realize they are in a tournament where "only one can remain."

First Aired: 03-02-2015
1. The Invitation

The Ninja are invited to partake in the Tournament of Elements; there is a clue that Zane may be alive.

First Aired: 02-23-2015
Season 3 8 full episodes
8. The Titanium Ninja

Back in Ninjago it is time for the final battle with the reborn, god-like Overlord called "The Golden Master". The stakes have never been greater and one ninja must make the ultimate sacrifice to try to stop his reign of destruction.

First Aired: 11-26-2014
7. The Void

The Ninja will have to quickly adapt to space as they race the Nindroids to retrieve the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu. But one thing is getting to space. Another is to get safely back home again.

First Aired: 11-26-2014
6. Codename: Arcturus

Lloyd is free but Pythor and the Overlord are nowhere to be found. However, the Ninja have a cryptic clue to their next plan - something called Codename: Arcturus. But what is it? Finding out won’t be easy but it will ultimately take the Ninja to a place they never ever thought they would go.

First Aired: 07-13-2014
5. Enter the Digiverse

Pythor the Anacondrai and his Nindroids have captured Lloyd and are draining his golden powers to bring the Overlord back to Ninjago. And the Ninja must use their Techno Blades in a daring rescue - inside the Overlord’s corrupted hard drive.

First Aired: 07-13-2014
4. The Curse of the Golden Master

The ninjas' search for the Stranger and the Digital Overlord brings them deep underground where an old enemy assists them.

First Aired: 04-16-2014
3. Black out

The power is out all over Ninjago. However a mysterious Stranger is sending alternatively powered Nindroids to attack the Ninja and capture Lloyd.

First Aired: 04-16-2014
2. The Art of the Silent Fist

After they escape Borg Industries with new gear, they must save Sensei Wu and defend against General Cryptor and the nindroids.

First Aired: 01-29-2014
1. The Surge

A new day dawns in a new Ninjago City as the Ninja, teachers in Sensei Wu's Academy, long for the days of fighting evil, but things in their homeland have become so technologically advanced that they don't feel needed, but they may be very wrong.

First Aired: 01-29-2014
Season 2 13 full episodes
13. Rise Of The Spinjitzu Master

Time is running out for the ninjas as the Overlord have reached Ninjago city. However, the ninjas, Sensei Wu, Misako and the Tinkerer are still unable to return to Ninjago.

First Aired: 11-21-2012
12. Return of the Overlord

Garmadon's ultimate weapon, the Garmatron (Which in effect is a giant Cannon), is completed. The Overlord, the Stone Army, and Garmadon drive the vehicle to the coast of the Dark Island, but not before testing it out on Nya. The Ninja pursue Garmadon to the coast, and discover that Nya has turned evil, gaining all of Garmadon's dark abilities in the process. Kai, Jay, Zane, and Cole stay behind to deal with Nya, while Lloyd, Misako, and Sensei Wu rush to stop the Garmatron. They fail, and Garmadon turns Jamonkai Village, and the town around Four Weapons evil. The shift in the balance of good and evil allows the Overlord to poccess Garmadon's body and begin to transform into his original form. Lloyd challenges him, but is injured in the resulting battle. The Overlord attempts to turn Lloyd, Wu, and Misako evil with the Garmatron, however the Tinkerer appears in Destiny's Bounty, and crashes it into the missle before it hits them.

First Aired: 11-14-2012
11. The Last Hope

When the Ninjas' attempt to return Garmadon's 'Helmet of Darkness' to its perch at the Celestial Clock in order to prevent the final battle between Lloyd and his father from beginning fails, a Super Weapon is created that can destroy all of Ninjago.

First Aired: 11-07-2012
10. Island of Darkness

After battling off Garmadon's Stone Army, the Ninjas finally arrive at the Temple of Light where they harness their pure elemental powers, concentrating them onto Lloyd who becomes more powerful than he ever imagined.

First Aired: 10-24-2012
9. The Last Voyage

The Ninjas, Lloyd, Sensei Wu and Misako journey to the Dark Island to find a 'Temple of Light' that can restore the Ninjas' elemental powers but are attacked by Starteeth (barnacle-like star fish) that start eating through their ship.

First Aired: 10-17-2012
8. The Day Ninjago Stood Still

The ninja try to flee from the rest of the Stone Army that has been brought to life by the Devourer's toxic venom - and things get a lot worse when Garmadon arrives with a 'Helmet of Darkness' and seizes control of the Stone Army.

First Aired: 10-10-2012
7. The Stone Army

The ninja face off with an exhibit of a Stone Samurai Warrior that the toxic venom from the Great Devourer has brought to life while Garmadon manages to find a fabled Dark Island that is said to hold dark powers.

First Aired: 10-03-2012
6. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

When Garmadon travels back in time in order to undo the past and rid the Ninja from the future, the Ninja follow him and try to stop him by using the Golden Weapons from the past to clash against Garmadon's Mega-Weapon.

First Aired: 08-22-2012
5. Child’s Play

When the Ninja interrupt Garmadon from using his Mega-Weapon to 'turn back the clock' and bring to life the fossils of a monster, the Ninja are hit and turned into kids and are now forced to enlist Lloyd's help to battle the awakened monster.

First Aired: 08-15-2012
4. Ninjaball Run

When the ninja learn that Darreth's Mojo Dojo is to be destroyed and Darreth doesn't have the money to save it, our heroes enter the annual NinjaBall Run to win its cash prize in order to save the dojo.

First Aired: 08-08-2012
3. Double Trouble

When our heroes are invited back to Darkly's Boarding School, they discover it's a trap set up by Lord Garmadon and his evil replica ninjas created by Garmadon's new Mega-Weapon.

First Aired: 08-01-2012
2. Pirates vs. Ninja

Lord Garmadon brings the pirates of Destiny Bounty back to life, but they take over the new Black Bounty and attack Ninjago City. While the ninja defend the city, Lloyd unlocks his spinjitzu power.

First Aired: 07-25-2012
1. Darkness Shall Rise

The ninja's new mission is to train Lloyd and they find a place to begin the training. Meanwhile Lord Garmadon enslaves the serpentine into turning the wreckage of the Destiny Bounty into his new ship.

First Aired: 07-18-2012
Season 1 13 full episodes
13. Day of the Great Devourer

Season Finale:Disaster threatens as the Ninja must fight to defeat the all consuming Great Devourer in a desperate attempt to save Ninjago. In the end, only Lord Garmadon, using the Four Golden Weapons, can destroy the Devourer. The snake is destroyed and Wu is shown to have survived, but Lord Garmadon vanishes with the Weapons and Lloyd must accept the fact that he must face him one day... Note: Pythor's final appearance.

First Aired: 04-11-2012
12. The Rise of the Great Devourer

Upon arriving at Torchfire Mountain, where the Fangblades can be destroyed, Pythor reveals himself and steals the blades back, leaving the Ninja to die. The four, with Wu, Nya (Samurai X) and Lloyd, haste to the lost city of Ouroboros to try to stop Pythor from awaking The Great Devourer, but it is a race against time. After a battle on a Serpentine Truck-fortress, in which Sensei Wu deliberately cuts himself off from the Ninja, all arrive at the city. At last, Pythor succeeds, but Sensei Wu follows him and forces him to see the power he has unleashed. They are then both consumed by the awakened Great Devourer.

First Aired: 04-04-2012
11. All of Nothing

When the ninja are captured trying to find the Serpentine's inner sanctum,and Lloyd's rescue mission fails; It's up to Garmadon to save them.

First Aired: 03-28-2012
10. The Green Ninja

The Ninja are suspicious when Lord Garmadon, brought by Sensei Wu from the realm of darkness he fled to, moves in to help searching for his missing son - but realize they have to work together in their attempt to rescue Lloyd from the Serpentine while they dig for the third Fang Blade in the heart of the Fire Temple. Kai, after being held back by his ambition to become the Green Ninja, reaches his true potential and rescues Lloyd. It is also revealed, though Kai's own realization, that Lloyd is the destined Green Ninja. This causes grief to both Wu and Garmadon, since their family has now been further divided.

First Aired: 03-21-2012
9. The Royal Blacksmiths

The four Ninja go undercover as a dance troupe and enter a talent contest in their quest to win “The Blade Cup”, in which one of the fang blades is hidden, taken from its tomb by Clutch Powers. During this, Cole meets his father, the leader of one particularly famous dance troop, who, if anything, is bossier than Sensei Wu. At once point, Cole contemplates stealing the cup, but is berated by his father and decides to make him proud by performing and winning the cup. Cole, saving his father when Pythor collapses the stage while stealing the cup, finds his true potential.

First Aired: 03-14-2012
8. Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Jay and Nya have to cut their first date in Mega-Monster Amusement Park short as the Serpentine are on their way to retrieve the first of four fang blades to be used to awaken the Great Devourer.

First Aired: 03-07-2012
7. Tick Tock

When the four ninja follow the mysterious falcon into the woods, they stumble on a hidden work shop where Zane learns the secret about his past and in the process, he is the first ninja to unlock his true potential.

First Aired: 02-22-2012
6. Snake King

Pythor declares himself to be the destined leader who will reawaken The Great Devourer - an ancient beast who can't be killed and will consume all of Ninjago.

First Aired: 02-15-2012
5. Can of Worms

Lloyd moves in and tries to make nice by helping out with chores, but he just gets in the way. Pythor has awoken the Vipoids and the Constrictaurs and an all out snake war has taken over Ninjago.

First Aired: 02-08-2012
4. Never Trust a Snake

After the Fangpyres join forces with the Hypnobrai, Lloyd releases Pythor - the last remaining snake of the Anacondrai tribe. Pythor, pretending to be his friend, steals a map from him that shows where the two remaining snakes tribes dwell. Sensei Wu then takes Lloyd under his wing. Note: First appearance of Pythor.

First Aired: 02-01-2012
3. Snakebit

Lloyd unlocks a second tribe - The Fangpyre - to help him regain control and have his revenge on the Hypnobrai. The Ninja are busy cleaning and setting up their new HQ aboard the Destiny's Bounty with modern features, but are called into duty when the Fangpyre attack the junkyard where Jay's parents, Ed and Enda, live. The Ninja, especially Jay, must rush to save the pair from the transforming venom of the Fangpyre...

First Aired: 01-25-2012
2. Home

Back in training mode with the looming threat of Lloyd and the Hypnobrai, Zane wanders after a Falcon and lands himself in a heap of trouble.

First Aired: 01-18-2012
1. Rise of the Snakes

The Ninja are snapped out of their post-victory complacency when Lord Garmadon's young and rather childish son Lloyd shows up and tries to pick up where his father left off. To this end, he releases the Hypnobrai, one tribe of an ancient race of snake people called the Serpentine, who immediately go on the attack. The Ninja beat them back and steal their staff, which holds an anti-venom to the Serpentine's power of hypnosis. Added to this, the Ninja discover a prophecy that one Ninja would rise above the others and become the Green Ninja, the fighter who would defeat the Dark Lord Garmadon...

First Aired: 01-11-2012
Season 0 53 full episodes
53. Decoded - Episode 10: Greatest Battles

Solving the puzzles releases a new peril for the Ninja to face. Will memories of their greatest victories be enough to defeat it?

First Aired: 01-13-2018
52. Decoded - Episode 9: Prophecy of the Green Ninja

The final puzzle forces each ninja to question the true meaning of the Green Ninja Prophecy, but success is not what it seems.

First Aired: 01-13-2018
51. Decoded - Episode 8: Rise of Garmadon

The Ninja confront memories of their greatest villain and ally, Garmadon, before the threat to Zane controls him completely.

First Aired: 01-13-2018
50. Decoded - Episode 7: Beasts and Dragons

Jay, Kai and Zane remember some of Ninjago’s most fearsome creatures in order to help Cole defend the cave from an unidentified monster.

First Aired: 01-13-2018
49. Decoded - Episode 6: The Elemental Masters

A riddle requires the Ninja to consider the powers and history of the Elemental Masters. Meanwhile, Nya struggles to keep the power on in the Samurai X Cave.

First Aired: 01-13-2018
48. Decoded - Episode 5: The Digiverse and Beyond

The team tackles a puzzle about technology in Ninjago while the threat to Zane grows graver by the minute.

First Aired: 01-13-2018
47. Decoded - Episode 4: Ninjago’s Most Wanted

Kai enters Zane’s mind and suggests the Ninja take a break from puzzle-solving to figure out which villain is trying to hack their friend.

First Aired: 01-13-2018
46. Decoded - Episode 3: Legendary Places

Cole joins Jay and Zane inside the Nindroid to solve a mysterious puzzle by revisiting some of Ninjago’s distinctive destinations.

First Aired: 01-13-2018
45. Decoded - Episode 2: Vehicles and Mechs

Nya digitizes Jay and uploads him into Zane’s mind. Jay reviews memories of the Ninja’s various motorcycles, mechs and planes in order to solve the vehicle-themed puzzle.

First Aired: 01-13-2018
44. Decoded - Episode 1: Legacy

Nya helps Zane backup memories of their adventures to the Samurai X Cave computer, but Zane encounters a mysterious puzzle buried deep within his code.

First Aired: 01-13-2018
43. Wu's Teas - Episode 20: A Beautiful Friendship

Master Wu and the robot manager of the rival coffee shop from across the street call an official truce, only to discover a new juice bar opening down the street.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
42. Wu's Teas - Episode 19: The Taste Test

Ronin hosts the prestigious Golden Mug Awards with both Steeper Wisdom and the rival coffee shop taking part. And when the winner is found, Ronin’s shrewdness in business matters is also revealed.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
41. Wu's Teas - Episode 18: Zaney Chess Game

A chess competition is underway in Steeper Wisdom and the rules are simple; whoever can beat Zane gets free tea. But the competition heats up when the robot manager from across the street arrives.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
40. Wu's Teas - Episode 17: Nya’s Mural

Nya is channeling her inner Picasso and paints a mural on the outside of Steeper Wisdom to lure customers to the tea shop, only to discover that the weather is not on her side and keeps ruining her masterpiece.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
39. Wu's Teas - Episode 16: The Coin Toss

Cole and Jay make a bet and the loser needs to stay and do the dishes but when they flip the coin, Jay realizes that Cole outsmarted him before they even began.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
38. Wu's Teas - Episode 15: Steep Surveillance

Someone took Master Wu’s favorite white tea and the Ninja are sure that the coffee bots from across the street are the culprits so they decide to set up traps and surveillance to catch them in the act. But the results of their surveillance are not what they expected.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
37. Wu's Teas - Episode 14: Lloyd’s Late

Tardy employees get toilet duty so Lloyd doesn’t want to be late for his shift in Steeper Wisdom but encounters all sorts of trouble on his way to work.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
36. Wu's Teas - Episode 13: Undercover Zane

To lure customers from the rival coffee shop Zane disguises himself as a maintenance bot from corporate headquarters, stopping by to do a routine check on the espresso machine, and uses his powers to ice the mechanism. But the Ninjas’ little stunt backfires.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
35. Wu's Teas - Episode 12: Cool-Headed Kai

The stove in Steeper Wisdom is broken and Jay needs Kai’s fire power to get it up and running again but Kai, after a cup of SereniTea, is busy meditating and impossible to get in contact with.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
34. Wu's Teas - Episode 11: Mystery Dust

Cole is sweeping the tea shop but runs into trouble with a mysterious dust pile that keeps materializing in ridiculous places.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
33. Wu's Teas - Episode 10: Trojan Tea Kettle

Lloyd delivers a giant tea kettle, with Kai hiding inside, to the robot coffee shop manager, expecting her to take the kettle inside the shop, but she decides she doesn’t want his gift and discards it in a dumpster…with Kai in it.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
32. Wu's Teas - Episode 09: Remote Control Zane

Jay realizes he can manipulate Zane to complete all of his chores with the remote control. But when Jay drops the remote and the batteries fall out, Zane gets his revenge.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
31. Wu's Teas - Episode 08: Panda-monium

A cute little baby panda is brought into Steeper Wisdom and its cuteness is attracting customers but when the baby panda coincidentally consumes a tea bag of MonstrosiTea, it’s suddenly not so cute anymore.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
30. Wu's Teas - Episode 07: Inspection Day

Master Wu makes sure the Ninja complete their chores in preparation for Ninjago’s number 1 health inspector Mr. Righty Tighty’s arrival at Steeper Wisdom. But the inspection doesn’t go quite as planned.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
29. Wu's Teas - Episode 06: Funny Guys

When an attractive cool guy flirts with Nya, Jay gets jealous, shuffles through Wu’s secret teas and finds one called Beau-Tea that he guzzles to transform into a handsome, muscular version of himself.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
28. Wu's Teas - Episode 05: Names

The rival coffee shop is stealing all Steeper Wisdom’s customers and the Ninja get creative in their campaign to win them back. Everybody knows that coffee shops never get their customers’ names right. Well, the Ninja will get them right. And if not…

First Aired: 07-13-2017
27. Wu's Teas - Episode 04: Music Night Part 2

The Ninja are rocking the stage but when Wu realizes the Ninja drank Musicali-tea, he freaks out – because the Musicali-tea is still untested and the Ninja’s jam will soon hit the "Nuclear Note".

First Aired: 07-13-2017
26. Wu's Teas - Episode 03: Music Night Part 1

Music Night in Steeper Wisdom is turning into a disaster due to Dareth’s “screechy” clarinet performance so after a sip of Musicali-tea, the Ninja pull their band equipment up on the stage and “rock the joint.”

First Aired: 07-13-2017
25. Wu's Teas - Episode 02: Spinny Sign

A rival coffee shop has opened across the street, humming with business, and has great advertising, namely an incredibly talented sign-spinning robot. So Kai, with a little sip of VelociTea to give him a boost, decides to take the robot on with some sign-spinning of his own.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
24. Wu's Teas - Episode 01: Secret Teas

The Ninjas are messing around in Master Wu’s new tea shop Steeper Wisdom and when they discover Wu’s secret stash of magical teas, Explosivi-tea, Hilari-tea and Anti-gravi-tea, they decide to test them out.

First Aired: 07-13-2017
23. Day of the Departed

Cole realizes his ghostly form is fading away, so he goes to Yang's Temple, but accidentally opens a passage to the Departed Realm, reviving the Ninja's old enemies (Samukai, Pythor, Kozu, Cryptor, Chen, and Morro) via mannequins in the Hall of Villainy.

First Aired: 10-29-2016
22. The Master: A Lego Ninjago Short

It starts with the WAG logo and a narrator narrating the story, it goes through Master Wu fluting and then makes the words "A Lego Short" then it says "Starring Sensei Wu", he breaks the red bricks to spell "The Master" but the chicken breaks the "M" and it says "The Astr" and tries again but it happens over and over again. Wu has to get his presentation, it's interrupted by a Chicken who adds the word "Chicken" but she kicks down "Chicken" and adds a "S" but Wu kicks the chicken and destroys the "S" and ends the movie.

First Aired: 09-23-2016
21. The Story of Master Chen

Dr. Saunders welcomes you to a sneak preview of an upcoming exhibit at the NINJAGO Museum that will be launching later in the year! When Master Chen started the Tournament of Elements it solidified him as one of the baddest bad guys. He does make some good noodles though! Check out his story now!

First Aired: 07-14-2016
20. The Story of Cryptor

Dr. Saunders welcomes you to a sneak preview of an exhibit at the NINJAGO Museum. General Cryptor is the robotic leader of the Nindroid army, and a servant of the Digital Overlord. Unlike the Nindroids, who rarely speak, Cryptor talks all the time. Check out his story now!

First Aired: 07-05-2016
19. The Story Of Kozu

Dr. Saunders welcomes you to a sneak preview of an upcoming exhibit at the NINJAGO Museum that will be launching later in the year! The General of the Stone Army is pretty nasty…and pretty crazy. That's a BAD combo! Check out his story now!

First Aired: 06-30-2016
18. The Story Of Pythor

Dr. Saunders welcomes you to a sneak preview of an upcoming exhibit at the NINJAGO Museum that will be launching later in the year! Pythor has pulled just about every nasty trick in the book. Check out his story now!

First Aired: 06-21-2016
17. The Story Of Samukai

Dr. Saunders welcomes you to a sneak preview of an upcoming exhibit at the NINJAGO Museum that will be launching later in the year! Samukai was a four armed skeleton, making him four times as bad. Check out his story now!

First Aired: 06-15-2016
16. The Tall Tale of Sqiffy & Bucko

Sqiffy & Bucko, overly excitable sailors, are fired from their job aboard a steamboat after angering the captain once too often. Their attempts to find other work end with similar failure, as they manage to annoy both Master Chen and Cyrus Borg. Upon spotting a couple of pirates aboard Misfortune's Keep, they begin mocking them, only to be cornered by an irritated Nadakhan. However, the Djinn decides that the pair can be of use, and puts them to work aboard ship.

First Aired: 04-27-2016
15. Tall Tale of Monkey Wretch

Monk, a skilled ship's mechanic, is one day plagued by the appearance of an inquisitive monkey just as Nadakhan comes looking for his services. Monk wishes to become the fastest mechanic alive, with skill that makes it seem as though he and his tools are one, and for the elimination of the irritating primate. Nadakhan grants his wishes by merging Monk and the monkey into a mechanical primate, who soon grants Nadkhan's wish by building Misfortune's Keep.

First Aired: 04-20-2016
14. Tall Tale of Dogshank

Dogshank, an ambitious young athlete, fails to excel despite her willingness to cheat, and thus accepts an offer from Nadakhan. Transformed into a hulking brute, she becomes stronger than ever before, and willingly joins the crew of Misfortune's Keep.

First Aired: 04-02-2016
13. The Tall Tale of Doubloon

Doubloon, a thief with a fast-running mouth, runs into the crew of Misfortune's Keep after escaping from prison. He manages to open a lock aboard ship but is caught, and questions whether there would be an opening for him on the crew. Nadkhan, surprisingly, agrees, but punishes Doubloon's insolence by cursing him. Left with two faces and no voice, Doubloon finds himself bound to the service of Nadakhan.

First Aired: 03-14-2016
12. The Tall Tale of Clancee

As a young Serpentine, Clancee had ambitions of being a pirate, despite suffering numerous mishaps as a result of his own inability. However, he was able to join the crew of Misfortune's Keep after accidentally taking the place of another pirate.

First Aired: 03-01-2016
11. The Tall Tale of Flintlock

While crewing a pirate ship alone in a battle with another vessel, Flintlocke ends up in the water, and while lamenting his misfortune is visited by Nadakhan. Two ill-conceived wishes land him first in a burning desert, and then in the freezing Arctic menaced by a Treehorn Queen. When at last Flintlocke wishes to be aboard a pirate ship again, his wish is granted by his induction into the crew of Misfortune's Keep.

First Aired: 02-17-2016
10. Weapons of Destiny

A solitary wanderer meets Kai, a young sword-maker, and his sister Nia in their small farming village right before a terrifying skeleton army arrives, ransacking their shop. The army takes a map hidden by their father years ago and Nia! The wanderer turns out to be Sensei Wu, an old friend of their father's. He promises to help Kai find his sister, but first Kai must become a ninja and master the art of spinjitzu. Kai begins his training and soon meets Sensei Wu's other ninja's, who realize they've all been recruited for very specific skill sets. Long ago, four weapons of spinjitzu were created by a great warrior. When he passed, his sons were tasked with protecting them. However, the older brother, Lord Garmadon, wanted to use the weapons for his own powerful and evil intents. Sensei Wu was forced to banish his brother to the Underworld and hide the four weapons with dragons as guardians.

First Aired: 01-13-2011
9. King of Shadows

A solitary wanderer meets Kai, a young sword-maker, and his sister Nia in their small farming village right before a terrifying skeleton army arrives, ransacking their shop. The army takes a map hidden by their father years ago and Nia! The wanderer turns out to be Sensei Wu, an old friend of their father's. He promises to help Kai find his sister, but first Kai must become a ninja and master the art of spinjitzu. Kai begins his training and soon meets Sensei Wu's other ninja's, who realize they've all been recruited for very specific skill sets. Long ago, four weapons of spinjitzu were created by a great warrior. When he passed, his sons were tasked with protecting them. However, the older brother, Lord Garmadon, wanted to use the weapons for his own powerful and evil intents. Sensei Wu was forced to banish his brother to the Underworld and hide the four weapons with dragons as guardians.

First Aired: 01-13-2011
8. The Golden Weapons

Long ago, the Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu were created by a great warrior, the First Spinjitzu Master. It was he who created Ninjago. When he passed away, his sons were tasked with protecting them. But the older brother was consumed by evil and he became Lord Garmondon, determined to use the weapons to reshape Ninjago in his own image. Sensei Wu was forced to banish his brother to the Underworld and hide the four weapons with dragons as guardians. However, Lord Garmadon has recruited an army of skeletons to find the map that will lead them to the four weapons. Sensei Wu needs Kai, Zane, Cole and Jay to use Spinjitzu and the Tornado of Creation to find the weapons first. Eventually, the Golden Weapons find their way into the Underworld and the general of the Skeleton Army, Samukai, tries to take them for his own. But their combined power destroys him and creates a portal, allowing Garmadon to escape from the Underworld. The Ninja then take back the weapons and the five of them prepare to face Garmadon when he returns.

First Aired: 01-13-2011
7. Way of the Ninja

A solitary wanderer meets Kai, a young sword-maker, and his sister Nia in their small farming village right before a terrifying skeleton army arrives, ransacking their shop. The army takes a map hidden by their father years ago and Nia! The wanderer turns out to be Sensei Wu, an old friend of their father's. He promises to help Kai find his sister, but first Kai must become a ninja and master the art of spinjitzu. Kai begins his training and soon meets Sensei Wu's other ninja's, who realize they've all been recruited for very specific skill sets. Long ago, four weapons of spinjitzu were created by a great warrior. When he passed, his sons were tasked with protecting them. However, the older brother, Lord Garmadon, wanted to use the weapons for his own powerful and evil intents. Sensei Wu was forced to banish his brother to the Underworld and hide the four weapons with dragons as guardians. However, Lord Garmadon has recruited an army of skeletons to find the map that will lead them to the four weapons. Sensei Wu needs Kai, Zane, Cole and Jay to use spinjitzu and the Tornado of Creation to find the weapons first. Only then will the world be safe.

First Aired: 01-13-2011
6. Battle Between Brothers

Zane finds Wu outside the Monastery in an ornate kimono. He tells Zane that it is a protective garment which he wore on the night Garmadon turned. There is then a flashback to when Wu finds his brother trying to steal the Weapons of Spinjitzu. The two exchange harsh words, then Wu is forced to attack his brother and the two fight in the courtyard. The power of the weapons clashing causes a an explosion and Garmadon prepares to kill his brother. The symbols on Wu’s kimono react and brings down lightning, scarring Garmadon and opening a way into the Underworld, into which Garmadon falls. With Garmadon banished and the Weapons safe, the balance is restored. Back in the present, Jay flies past at reckless speed on his dragon and Zane jests that the days of peace are over.

First Aired: 12-02-2011
5. Return to the Fire Temple

In the episode Kai and Nya are taken back to the Fire Temple by the fire dragon, named Flame. At first thinking he was homesick, the dragon shows another entrance to the Underworld, hidden within the temple's catacombs. The Skeletons try to get out and Kai attacks, but is quickly overwhelmed, despite his insistence that he can handle it. Nya helps him out, beating the Skeletons back despire her brother's protests, and Flame seals the entrance. The three fly off and the Skeletons smart in their defeat, now firmly trapped in the Underworld, for now.

First Aired: 11-25-2011
4. An Underworldly Takeover

Cole asks Sensei Wu how Garmadon gained control over the Skeleton Army. Wu tells of how his dark brother was cast down into the Underworld after he tried to take the Weapons by force. There is then a flashback to when Garmadon arrives in the Underworld, swearing that he would have his revenge. The Skeletons find him and Samukai prepares to pay him back for previous defeats when Garmadon and Wu worked together. Garmadon proceeds to use his Spinjitzu to defeat Samukai and take over as supreme commander of the Skeleton Army.

First Aired: 11-24-2011
3. The New Masters of Spinjitzu

Extremely annoyed by their humiliating defeat by the Ninja, Kruncha and Nuckal decide to steal the Golden Weapons. Escaping into the Real World, they infiltrate the Monastery and steal the weapons from the sleeping Ninja. While raving in the Courtyard, the weapons react and they accidentally activate the training equipment, causing them to rush around the yard uncontrollably as Spinjitzu tornadoes. As they squabble after controlling themselves, Kai comes out and turns off the training equipment, still half-asleep and so ignorant of The Skeletons' presence. Kruncha and Nuckal return the weapons and argue as they head back to the Underworld.

First Aired: 11-23-2011
2. Flight of the Dragon Ninja

The Ninja, while Sensei Wu is absent, have a race on their dragons to see who will be ‘Dragon Master of the Month’. The four ninja race their dragons against each other between the mountains and through the woods. Cole wins through his use of one of his dragon’s treats, but the others do not acknowledge his victory, insisting that they rerun the race the next day, despite Cole's protests.

First Aired: 11-22-2011
1. Secrets of the Blacksmith

Jay is taking Nya for a ride on the Lightning Dragon, Wisp, in the Ninjago sky. Showing off, he swoops down over the rice fields and they arrive at 4 Weapons. She realizes she needs to get some things from home as she intents to live in the Monastery. Jay offers to help, but she declines and he waits outside with his dragon. Nya begins to empty her hidden weapon stock, only to be confronted by Wyplash, along with a few other skeletons. They try to take her, but she defeats them with ease and comes out of the shop with Jay, though alerted by a noise inside, none the wiser. The Skeletons decide to keep their humiliating defeat to themselves.

First Aired: 11-21-2011
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