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Getting through customs is just the beginning. With just 90 days to wed on a fiancé visa, follow international couples as they attempt to overcome cultural barriers and family drama while in search of true love that knows no borders.

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90 Day Fiancé Full Episode Guide
Season 7 15 full episodes
15. Tell All Part 2

First Aired: 02-17-2020
14. Tell All Part 1

First Aired: 02-16-2020
13. Can I Get a Witness

Blake & Jasmin, Anna & Mursel, Robert & Anny, and Tania & Syngin are out of time and must wed. Angela & Michael have a setback. Mike's call to Natalie leaves some unanswered questions. Michael talks to his ex-wife, Sarah, about his prenup decision.

First Aired: 02-09-2020
12. I Do and I Don't Know

Syngin considers going back to South Africa. Mursel feels he made a mistake. Mike consults a lawyer. Angela rethinks a Nigerian wedding. Jasmin & Blake's families meet. Stephanie makes Anny an offer. Michael & Juliana and Emily & Sasha reach wedding day.

First Aired: 01-26-2020
11. Blindsided

Blake and Jasmin argue on a night out. Mike returns to Washington. Emily and Betsy shop for a wedding dress. Michael's family confront Angela about their wedding. Tania's revelation pushes Syngin away. It's Michael and Juliana's wedding day.

First Aired: 01-19-2020
10. Choose Me

Mursel packs his bags for Turkey. Angela arrives in Nigeria. Natalie's reveal leaves Mike devastated. Juliana bonds with Michael's ex. Tania and Syngin's romantic reunion goes south. Blake's friends confront him about Jasmin.

First Aired: 01-12-2020
9. I Don't Have a Choice

Anna reveals big news to her family. Angela fights for Michael's visa. Syngin needs more from Tania. Mike has tough questions for Natalie. Betsy grills Sasha about his past. Anny cries shopping for a wedding dress. Blake's mom attempts to bond with Jasmin.

First Aired: 12-29-2019
8. Judgement Day

Tania & Syngin struggle with communication. Juliana seeks independence. Religion divides Mike & Natalie. Mursel makes an important decision. Jasmin finds it hard to fit in. Anny's birthday gets wild. Angela hears news about Michael's visa.

First Aired: 12-22-2019
7. The Truth Shall Set You Free

Michael & Juliana discuss a potential pre-nup. Angela goes wedding gown shopping. Emily & Sasha arrive in the U.S. Robert and Anny go apartment hunting. Anna gives Mursel an ultimatum. Natalie panics about her differences with Mike.

First Aired: 12-15-2019
6. Premature Departure

Syngin prepares for a month without Tania. Anna questions her engagement. Blake & Jasmin's living situation changes unexpectedly. Leaving Russia brings Sasha to tears. Michael & Juliana get real about their financial future. Angela & Michael return.

First Aired: 12-08-2019
5. We Need to Talk

Mike learns of Natalie's past heartbreak. Anna weeps in a wedding dress. Anny has issues with Robert's exes. Emily doubts Sasha's dedication. Jasmin meets Blake's friends. Tania reveals she's leaving for a month. Juliana moves into Michael's house. Mike learns of Natalie's past heartbreak. Anna weeps in a wedding dress. Anny has issues with Robert's exes. Emily doubts Sasha's dedication. Jasmin meets Blake's friends. Tania reveals she's leaving for a month. Juliana moves into Michael's house.

First Aired: 12-01-2019
4. You Don't Forget Your Past

Anna's friends have concerns about Mursel. Tania & Syngin butt heads when they arrive at the shed. Blake & Jasmin's reunion falls flat. Natalie anxiously waits for Mike's arrival in the Ukraine. Juliana is third wheel when she finally meets Michael's ex...

First Aired: 11-24-2019
3. What Am I Worth To You?

Anny becomes frustrated with Robert's promised shopping spree; Tania and Syngin disagree on their future plans; Anna feels Mursel is asking too much from her; Emily goes into labor; Mike and Natalie make their introduction.

First Aired: 11-17-2019
2. They Don't Know

Tania races to meet Syngin at the airport in time for a special arrival; Anna introduces Mursel to her family, and reveals a secret; Emily and Sasha have a tense meeting with his ex-wife; interview allegations prevent Juliana from coming to the U.S.

First Aired: 11-10-2019
1. I Want To Kiss You

Friends and families offer a dose of reality with harsh questions to the Americans about how well they truly know their foreign partners.

First Aired: 11-03-2019
Season 6 13 full episodes
13. Tell All Part 2

Getting through customs is just the beginning. With just 90 days to wed on a fiancé visa, follow international couples as they attempt to overcome cultural barriers and family drama while in search of true love that knows no borders.

First Aired: 01-13-2019
12. Tell All Part 1

The couples from this season meet for the first time in a dramatic Tell All showdown. Host Shaun Robinson sits down with the couples to discuss the most intense moments from this season, and answer your burning questions as shocking reveals are uncovered.

First Aired: 01-06-2019
11. Make It or Break It

Ashley learns Jay’s secret. Kalani & Asuelu worry her dad will stop their vows. Eric & Leida have last minute problems before their wedding. Steven has to leave Russia. With the 90 days up, Colt & Larissa face their issues. Jonathan & Fernanda say 'I do'

First Aired: 12-30-2018
10. Where Truth Lies

Eric faces his distraught daughters. Steven surprises Olga. Kalani’s big news upsets her sister. Fernanda writes Jonathan a shocking letter. Ashley and Jay run away to Vegas. Larissa reconnects with Colt’s mom.

First Aired: 12-23-2018
9. Backed Into a Corner

Ashley and Jay elope in Vegas; Colt and Larissa argue in front of friends; Steven applies for Richie's American passport; Leida meets with Eric's ex-wife; Jon upsets Fernanda by staying out late; Kalani and Asuelu get news that changes everything.

First Aired: 12-16-2018
8. No Way Out

Leida kicks Tasha out of the house; Jonathan's past catches up to him; Ashley and Jay worry about their safety; Kalani confronts Asuelu about their issues; Steven and Olga's plans get derailed; Larissa and John have an explosive fight.

First Aired: 12-09-2018
7. Ready to Run

Colt and Larissa consider moving out; Steven and Olga question their relationship; Fernanda tries to connect with Jon's mom; Ashley and Jay change wedding plans; Asuelu storms off during an argument with Kalani; Eric and Leida reach a breaking point.

First Aired: 12-02-2018
6. Flirting With Disaster

Olga is upset with Steven's attitude; Leida tells Eric's daughter to move out; Colt and Larissa look at wedding venues; Ashley confronts Jay about his untrustworthy behavior; Fernanda meets Jonathan's skeptical mom.

First Aired: 11-25-2018
5. Not What I Thought

Jonathan and Fernanda continue their fight; Colt has a surprise for Larissa; Jay feels uncomfortable at Ashley's local market; Kalani and Asuelu move to Utah; Leida questions coming to the America; Olga has complications while in labor.

First Aired: 11-18-2018
4. I Know What You Did

Leida's family arrives in NYC; Ashley's friends throw a party for Jay; Asuelu tells his side of the story to Kolini; Larissa clashes with Debbie; Fernanda and Jonathan fight at the club; Olga feels contractions and gets unexpected news.

First Aired: 11-11-2018
3. Rough Landings

Ashley and Jay land in America; Steven and Olga prepare for the baby's arrival; Larissa meets her new roommate -- Colt's mom; Fernanda has a talk with Jon's friend; Leida's sister Reina questions Leida's future with Eric; Asuelu meets Kalani's dad.

First Aired: 11-04-2018
2. Young and Restless

Colt heads to the airport to meet Larissa; Asuelu has a special surprise for Kalani; Steven prepares to go to Russia; Ashley heads to Jamaica for Jay's visa interview; Eric is nervous about impressing Leida; Fernanda and Jon have dinner with friends.

First Aired: 10-28-2018
1. The Clock is Tickin'

Everyone is on edge as the foreign partners get ready to arrive; the 90-day couples face cynical family and stressful visa situations; one new arrival has her American dreams crushed when she arrives to a disappointing discovery.

First Aired: 10-21-2018
Season 5 13 full episodes
13. Season 5: Tell All

The couples of 90 Day Fiancé meet for the first time on the tell-all stage. Shocking reveals & juicy details are uncovered as host Shaun Robinson asks the couples and some surprise guests about the most intense and intimate moments from this season.

First Aired: 12-18-2017
12. I Now Pronounce You

Molly shockingly reveals that she married Luis; David invites Ashley to his wedding; Nicole gets an update about Azan's visa application; Evelyn and David, and Elizabeth and Andrei get married.

First Aired: 12-18-2017
11. Second Thoughts

Nicole returns from Morocco; Andrei confronts Elizabeth's sister; Annie decides if she'll stay in America with David; Aika meets Josh's mom before their Vegas wedding; David and Evelyn finalize wedding prep. Also: a shocking reveal for Molly and Luis.

First Aired: 12-17-2017
10. Breaking Point

Nicole & Azan say goodbye in Morocco. David's kids meet Annie. Molly confronts Luis about his negative comments. Elizabeth hits Miami for her bachelorette party. Evelyn & David discuss their fight. Josh & Aika see a fertility doctor.

First Aired: 12-10-2017
9. Wake Up Call

Molly asks Luis to step up as a parent. David & Annie head to Kentucky. Elizabeth & Andrei have new plans for their wedding. David won't talk about the wedding night with Evelyn. Nicole & Azan have a big decision to make. Josh & Aika argue about babies.

First Aired: 12-03-2017
8. Out of Nowhere

Nicole & Azan have a big fight. David's drinking concerns Annie. Andrei sets his rules for Elizabeth's bachelorette party. Luis worries about the death of his single life. Evelyn's family begins to see the real David. Josh's friend has doubts about Aika.

First Aired: 11-26-2017
7. Welcome to Real Life

David and Annie begin the 90 Days. Andrei arrives and meets Elizabeth's dad. Luis questions staying in America and becoming a stepdad. Evelyn & David disagree about where they'll live. Nicole struggles at the gym with Azan. Aika considers going home.

First Aired: 11-19-2017
6. Crossing The Line

Andrei reveals the status of his visa to Elizabeth. Things get heated between Luis and Molly. Azan and Nicole discuss finances. Evelyn & David struggle with wedding costs. Josh wants Aika to model. Annie cries over David's actions.

First Aired: 11-12-2017
5. Family First

Nicole & Azan introduce May to his family. Elizabeth lands in Ireland to news from Andrei. Luis clashes with Molly's family. David meets Evelyn's friends and the night ends in tears. David & Annie have an engagement party. Aika arrives in America.

First Aired: 11-05-2017
4. Good Morning America

The first morning in America is off to a rough start for both Evelyn & David and Molly & Luis. In Morocco, Nicole and Azan disagree on how to parent May. Elizabeth's lawyer gives distressing news about Andrei's visa. David meets Annie's parents.

First Aired: 10-29-2017
3. Bring on the 90 Days

The 90 days begin for 2 couples as foreign fiancés land in America. Before she heads to Ireland, Elizabeth's friends have concerns about Andrei. Azan welcomes Nicole and May in Morocco and is faced with parenting a toddler. We also meet a new couple.

First Aired: 10-22-2017
2. Parental Approval

Evelyn's best friend thinks she is moving too fast. Despite her mother's resistance, Nicole and May leave for Morocco. David struggles to come up with enough money to satisfy Annie's family. Molly's conservative father questions Luis' intentions.

First Aired: 10-15-2017
1. Waiting is the Hardest Part

In this season premiere, couples who have their K-1 visa now begin their journey to the alter. Their foreign mates will travel to the US and have 90 days to get married, or leave the country. But some wait in limbo for visa approval.

First Aired: 10-08-2017
Season 4 14 full episodes
14. Season 4 Tell All

The couples from season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé come together for a sit down with Shaun Robinson to discuss all the drama of this past season and reveal what they're up to now on 90 Day Fiancé: The Couples Tell All.

First Aired: 11-21-2016
13. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Jorge and Anfisa have a blowout fight on the way to the altar. Matt fears Patrick will object at his wedding. Narkyia debates ending her relationship with Lowo. Nicole has bad news for Azan.

First Aired: 11-21-2016
12. Too Little Too Late

Chantel & Pedro head to the altar. Jorge & Anfisa make the final decision about their rocky relationship. Nicole gets devastating news about the K1 Visa. Narkyia discovers yet another Lowo lie that jeopardizes everything.

First Aired: 11-13-2016
11. Are You Ready For This?

Anfisa and Jorge get closer to severing ties while Chantel & Pedro argue about signing a pre-nup. Nicole’s mom begs her daughter to be reasonable. Lowo shocks Narkyia with news of their wedding. Matt & Alla prepare for their big day.

First Aired: 11-13-2016
10. Confessions of a Foreign Fiance

Chantel & Pedro fight about their future. Anfisa pushes Jorge over the line. Alla makes a shocking confession. Lowo discovers that Narkiya still mistrusts him.

First Aired: 11-06-2016
9. You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

The 90-day timeline continues to put stress on the couples. Nicole & Azan make a huge decision about their relationship, Anfisa kicks Jorge out, and Chantel’s parents issue an ultimatum. We meet Lowo in Vietnam waiting on his paperwork.

First Aired: 10-30-2016
8. This Is What You Came For

Anfisa reveals her true intentions to Jorge. Matt’s mom dashes Alla’s wedding dreams. Nicole seeks outside advice about Azan. Chantel asks her brother for forgiveness.

First Aired: 10-23-2016
7. Time to Tell the Truth

Anfisa pursues her dream of becoming a famous model to Jorge’s dismay. Nicole struggles to keep up with Azan on a romantic outing in the desert. Chantel reveals her secret engagement to her family. Alla is homesick. Narkyia looks for a wedding dress.

First Aired: 10-16-2016
6. I Can See the Cracks

Nicole & Azan head to the desert for a big surprise. Chantel has regrets while secretly shopping for a wedding dress without her mother. Anfisa tries on a $45,000 gown. A skeptical Narkiya waits to hear from Lowo who claims his phone was stolen.

First Aired: 10-09-2016
5. Testing the Waters

Jorge reveals a secret about his past to Anfisa. Chantel & Pedro reveal their secret to a friend. Cultural differences continue to cause trouble for Nicole & Azan. Alla enjoys time away from Matt. And we meet Narkiya whose fiancé Lowo catfished her.

First Aired: 10-02-2016
4. Life's A Beach

Matt & Alla go on a double date with Matt's skeptical friend. A nervous Nicole travels to Azan's hometown to meet his family. Pedro sees a new side of Chantel during a trip to Florida. Anfisa comes face to face with Jorge's sister.

First Aired: 09-25-2016
3. Meet the Family

Alla endures a tense meeting with Matt’s family. Pedro meets Chantel’s parents, who think he’s on a student Visa. Anfisa lays out her financial demands to Jorge. Nicole may not be cut out for Moroccan culture.

First Aired: 09-18-2016
2. You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

The journey begins for two couples. After a bad fight Jorge wonders if he still has a fiancé. Nicole says goodbye to America and lands in Morocco to meet her fiancé Azan in person for the first time ever.

First Aired: 09-11-2016
1. For Your Eyes Only

Before the foreigners arrive, the Americans must prepare. This special episode showcases the anxiety before each relationship's 90-day clock begins - and in once case, before the decision to apply for the Visa process has even been made.

First Aired: 08-22-2016
Season 3 11 full episodes
11. Season 3 Tell All

All six couples of "90 Day Fiance" meet face-to-face for the first time, sitting down with NBC's Erica Hill for a candid & revealing conversation. What happened when cameras stopped rolling? Where do their relationships stand now?

First Aired: 12-06-2015
10. This Is It

Nikki must decide if she wants to go through with the wedding. Loren has last minute worries on the big day. Carolina wants acceptance into Fernando’s family before the wedding. Emotion overcomes both Melanie and Devar as they prepare to wed.

First Aired: 12-06-2015
9. What Do You Know about Love?

Mark asks Nikki to sign a pre-nup. Loren is in tears as Alexei looks at flights home. Carolina confronts her future Mother-in-Law. Melanie can’t contain her emotions before the wedding. Josh has pre-wedding jitters & Kyle hopes his mother will show.

First Aired: 11-29-2015
8. Bachelorette Blues

Loren’s Bachelorette weekend sends Alexei over the edge. Noon finally meets Kyle’s estranged Mom. Aleksandra questions if she is too young for marriage. Nikki eyes an expensive dress in NYC. Carolina worries about Fernando’s womanizing ways.

First Aired: 11-29-2015
7. Don't Push Me

Tensions rise with Fernando’s mom. Mark’s past causes problems with Nikki. Alexandra’s parents arrive in America and question the Mormon lifestlye. Noon addresses Kyle’s distance from his family and Alexei and Loren argue about his modeling career.

First Aired: 11-22-2015
6. Lights, Camera, Drama

Mark is uneasy around Nikki during her “monthlies.” Loren pushes Alexei into modeling. Melanie questions Devar’s financial plan. Aleksandra hopes to feel more accepted by Josh’s parents. Noon sees a side of Kyle that she does not enjoy.

First Aired: 11-15-2015
5. Missing Home

A call home to Alexie’s parents leaves Lauren in tears. Josh’s plan to cheer Aleksandra up backfires. Nikki wonders if moving to America was the right decision. Melanie’s sisters have tough questions for Devar. Carolina shops for a wedding dress.

First Aired: 11-08-2015
4. Full of Surprises

Living together proves tough for Mark and Nikki. Aleksandra’s past shocks Josh’s family. Melanie looks for the perfect ring and meets Devar’s mom. Kyle makes a big jump to prove his love to Noon. In Colombia, Fernando has upsetting news for Carolina.

First Aired: 11-01-2015
3. Questions & Answers

Nikki meets Mark’s daughter who is older than she is. Melanie’s sister confronts Devar about his intensions. Noon is not impressed with Kyle’s house. Loren& Alexei get final word on Alexei's visa status. And we meet new couple, Fernando and Carolina.

First Aired: 10-25-2015
2. Welcome to the Family

Loren is nervous for Alexei to meet her parents. Mark is anxious for Nikki’s arrival. Devar meets Melanie’s son for the first time. Josh plans a surprise for Alexsandra's birthday. And we meet new couple Kyle and Noon.

First Aired: 10-18-2015
1. Departures and Arrivals

Using a unique visa six new couples embark on the 90-day journey. Their foreign mates will travel to the US and have 90 days to get married or leave the country. But for a few couples the adventure is on hold as they wait in limbo for visa approval.

First Aired: 10-11-2015
Season 2 11 full episodes
11. The Couples Tell All

All 6 couples will meet for the first time and tell all in a revealing, emotionally charged reunion special. NBC’s Erica Hill will moderate as we learn more about the journeys of season 2's couples and find out where their relationships stand

First Aired: 12-28-2014
10. I'm Gonna Go Home

Chelsea panics before the wedding. Jason and Cassia try to resolve their differences in Vegas. Mohamed goes AWOL on Danielle. Brett has to choose between Daya and his mom. Jason’s wedding day is not what he’d planned.

First Aired: 12-21-2014
9. Red Flag

Mohamed hopes he is making the right choice with Danielle. Danny’s brothers pass him the sex torch. Cassia confronts Jason’s brother when meeting his family for the first time. Brett’s mom confronts Brett about Daya the day before the wedding.

First Aired: 12-14-2014
8. Going Once, Going Twice...Gone?

Danny and Amy’s families meet. Cassia breaks down during a fight with Jason. Justin surprises Evelin and his mom. Mohamed visits a lawyer on his wedding day. Chelsea and Yamir discuss the future of his career. Daya and Brett go apartment hunting.

First Aired: 12-07-2014
7. I Have To Tell You Something

Jason & Cassia struggle with budget and Jason’s work schedule. Danielle breaks bad news to Mohamed. Evelin bonds with Justin’s Mom. Brett’s skeptical friend Sue finally meets Daya. Danny hopes his conservative parents don’t offend Amy.

First Aired: 11-30-2014
6. Fears, Family, Future

Justin and Evelin invite Jake and Jen over for dinner. Daya confronts Brett about Cassidy’s behavior. Amy’s mom arrives from South Africa. Yamir meets with music producers in Chicago. Jason has a surprise for Cassia.

First Aired: 11-23-2014
5. Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Danielle fears Mohamed may leave. Justin sees his family for the first time since telling his secret. Cassia and Jason fight about trust. Danny’s brother ruins date night with Amy. Yamir’s move yields devastating news.

First Aired: 11-16-2014
4. Touchdown!

Amy confronts Danny about his family. Mohamed learns the meaning of "hooking up." Jason travels to Brazil, still uncertain if Cassia will meet him. Yamir arrives in the U.S. and Chelsea’s parents have many questions about the couple’s future.

First Aired: 11-09-2014
3. Watch You Like a Hawk

Danny misses Amy’s first day in America. Justin shocks relatives with news of his engagement. Mohamed meets the rest of Danielle’s family. Daya meets Brett’s daughter for the first time. And we meet a new couple Jason and Cassia.

First Aired: 11-02-2014
2. I'm Home America!

Evelin pushes to meet Justin's family. At Yamir's album release party his manager throws his private life into the public eye. Mohamed meets Danielle's skeptical son. Daya questions her engagement ring. We meet a new couple Danny & Amy.

First Aired: 10-26-2014
1. New Couples, New Journeys

Using a unique 90 Day Fiancé visa, six foreigners will travel to the US to live with their overseas fiancés for the first time. Each couple will have just 90 days to decide to get married or send their international mate home.

First Aired: 10-19-2014
Season 1 6 full episodes
6. Time's Up

Paola's has her bachelorette party, still unsure if her wedding will happen. Nerves get the best of Aziza before her wedding. Awkwardness ensues as virgins Kirylam and Alan consummate their wedding. Louis is late for his wedding leaving Aya in doubt.

First Aired: 02-23-2014
5. Didn't Expect This...

Mike goes AWOL after his bachelor party upsetting Aziza. Alan & Kirlyam rush to prepare for their wedding. Paola shops for a wedding dress still unsure if Russ will be called back to work. A limited budget stops Aya from having her dream wedding.

First Aired: 02-16-2014
4. 90 Days Isn't Enough

Russ takes Paola to a tailgate; later the couple's wedding plans are put into jeopardy. Alan is concerned as Kirlyam gets a big opportunity. Mike's Mom confronts Aziza at her bachelorette party. Aya grows upset as Louis cuts corners on their wedding.

First Aired: 02-09-2014
3. Enough is Enough

Russ and Paola move into their own apartment. Aya meets Louis' ex-wife & boys for the first time. Kirlyam takes a trip to a salon where Alan learns she's been referred to a modeling agency. Aziza & Mike hit a pivotal milestone in their relationship.

First Aired: 01-26-2014
2. Culture Shock

Living with Russ' parents takes a toll on Paola while her wild ways turns up the heat with Russ's friends. Kirlyam struggles in her new setting & misses home. Aziza meets Mike's skeptical family. Louis prepares his boys and ex-wife for Aya's arrival.

First Aired: 01-19-2014
1. I Got My Visa!

Using a unique 90 Day Fiancé visa, four women will travel to the US to live with their overseas fiancés for the first time. Each couple will have just 90 days to decide to get married or send their international mate home.

First Aired: 01-12-2014
Season 0 18 full episodes
18. Family Feuds

Looking back at some of the biggest family feuds in 90 Day Fiance' history, from meeting their new family, to dealing with parents, sibling rivalry, and new step-kids. Family tensions come to a boiling point and each couple is tested.

First Aired: 04-14-2020
17. Secrets & Lies

Look back at some of the biggest reveals in 90 Day Fiancé history, including long kept secrets, legal troubles, past loves, and infidelity. The most shocking confessions will test each couple's relationship as they fight for their happily ever after.

First Aired: 04-06-2020
16. Biggest Breakups

Four Americans found love overseas and put it all on the line to be with the one they loved. But, not all love stories have a fairy tale ending Relive the journeys of four 90 Day couples as they say I do, or I don't.

First Aired: 03-30-2020
15. Most Outrageous Moments

Relive the most outrageous 90 Day moments as we look back at some of our favorite couples. Through unforgettable arrivals, culture clashes, lies, skeptical families and relationship breakdowns, each couple has fought to find love across the globe.

First Aired: 12-23-2019
14. Darcey's Continuing Journey

A look back at Darcey's journey.

First Aired: 12-02-2019
13. Angela & Michael: Our Continuing Journey

A look back at Angela and Michael's journey.

First Aired: 11-25-2019
12. 90 Day LIVE #2

90 Day Fiancé is going live! Following a new episode of 90 Day Fiancé, join host Michelle Collins as she takes your social media questions, and dishes out with familiar guests like Molly from Happily Ever After and Jesse from Before the 90 Days.

First Aired: 12-16-2018
11. 90 Day LIVE #1

90 Day Fiancé is going live! Following a new episode of 90 Day Fiancé, join host Michelle Collins as she takes your social media questions and dishes the dirt with familiar guests, including Colt's mom Debbie, and Angela from Before the 90 Days.

First Aired: 11-11-2018
10. Eric & Leida: Our Journey So Far

A look back at the highs and lows of Eric and Leida's journey.

First Aired: 05-31-2019
9. Paul & Karine: Our Journey So Far

Despite a cultural divide and language barrier, Paul finds love with Karine, a Brazilian from the depths of the Amazon.

First Aired: 05-27-2019
8. David & Annie: Our Continuing Journey

Reliving David and Annie's journey; David has to borrow money to bring Annie to America; when she threatens to return to Thailand, he tries to convince her that he can give her a dream life.

First Aired: 05-24-2019
7. Molly & Luis: Our Continuing Journey

Molly was sure Luis would make a wonderful father to her two girls, but his inappropriate behavior around her teenager and constant complaints about her 5-year-old threaten to put her dreams of saying "I do" on hold.

First Aired: 05-17-2019
6. Melanie & Devar: Our Continuing Journey

Reliving the memories of how Melanie and Devar fell in love in Jamaica then raced to the altar to get married in 90 days.

First Aired: 05-10-2019
5. Love is a Battlefield

Love is filled with ups and downs; featuring the series' most memorable altercations.

First Aired: 12-07-2018
4. Most OMG Moments

Countdown the most outrageous moments from 90 Day Fiancé and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?. From extreme fights to romantic nights, with bombshells dropped and secrets revealed, it's a must-see bonanza that'll make you say O-M-G.

First Aired: 10-01-2017
3. Danielle & Mohamed: Our Journey So Far

Relive all the memorable moments between Danielle and her Tunisian fiancé Mohamed, from their meeting online to his arrival in the U.S.

First Aired: 09-05-2016
2. Where Are They Now?

An update on the couples from season 2

First Aired: 10-04-2015
1. Where Are They Now

An update on the couples featured in season one.

First Aired: 10-19-2014
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